A message to Arab and Muslim leaders [Archives:2004/735/Opinion]

May 6 2004

Ali Saeed
[email protected]

I am sure that Arab and Muslim leaders are no longer living, they are dead or dying. They are bodies without souls, feelings, emotion, sentiments, they are senseless.
We aren't exaggerating to say that they are not animals but rocks. What is going on in Palestine and Iraq especially in Fallujah, makes us cry not tears but blood.
What does it mean to Arab and Muslim leaders, when the people of Fallujah, children, men, women, old people are being slaughtered by an American f 16, 18, or 20 artillery, mortar, or machine-guns. What does it mean when the injured and wounded of Fallujah are prevented from being medically-treated and the media from reporting the massive massacres committed against defenseless Iraqis even preventing the dead bodies from being buried.
Who is responsible for those carnage, crimes, massacres, atrocities, barbaric aggression in Iraq in general and in Fallujah in particular, America or Arab and Muslim leaders?
In my point of view the Arab and Muslim leaders are entirely responsible, not America or Bush.
Without the permission of our heroic leaders and presidents, Bush will and can not even think of invading Iraq .
Arab and Muslim leaders can simply prevent Bush from committing any massacres and killing a single Iraqi citizen, by unanimously carrying out several things, such as expelling the American ambassadors, stopping petrol to America, sending Arab and Muslim troops to Iraq to replace the American and British ones. Then and only then America will think thousands of times about the matter .
Once again , Bush is not a killer nor a criminal, rather he is a hero because he is serving Americans and doing everything for the sake of America, for the sake of the interests of American people, he is invading Iraq accordingly.
However , our presidents and leaders are the real killers and criminals because they are only watching to what is going on in Iraq and doing nothing, even not denouncing and condemning.
I wonder when the Arab and Muslim arsenals are going to be used.