A nationalist, but cruelSaddam needs our mercy [Archives:2004/717/Opinion]

March 4 2004

By AbdulWahab Al Sofi
[email protected]
For The Yemen Times

I can imagine that sadness embraces happiness. I also can imagine that peace befriends war. I can even imagine that a white picture can change into a black picture. But I can not imagine the following pictures.
Two pictures make us bewildered and absentminded. We always think about them day and night. They absolutely disagree with mind and they are above understanding.
Saddam wearing his main military uniform among his body guardians with his strong authority is the first pictures. The other picture is Saddam after his capture. There are no any comparisons at all. The two pictures are completely contradictory.
The former, reflects the glory in which Arab nation felt their pride freely. The other picture reflects the prejudice in which we, as Arab Muslims, still feel humiliation and weakness.
On the other hand, the former president Saddam has given good sacrifices to his parallels and all Muslims. What a painful shame is that a man with a luxury life suddenly be changed to a man living in a hole in the ground.
Saddam was imbued with the spirit of nationalism, but at the same time he ruled his nation severely. He is very sincere to his home Iraq, regardless of bad deeds, so that he preferred to be captive than to escape outside his country.
He defied America and its allies, including Israel and said a big no to them.
However, the Arab world disappointed him. It is enough to him that he refused all American temptations and appeared as a strong tough president among Arab leaders. He was struggling against the biggest power in the world for 13 years, waiting for Arab leaders to support him but no vain.
Lastly, he preferred to taste the capture's bitterness in order to prove his loyalty. In my opinion, Saddam is an immortal strong man in the history.
Consequently, he must not be reduced of Salah Al-deen or Jamal Abdul-Naser prestige. He actually has portrayed the best picture of heroism, that's why history will be written for him by water of gold.
Nowadays, the ideal leader is difficult to define and even more difficult to find. Isn't worthy to mention that these good attitudes intercede for Saddam to get at least, an open fair trail?
Mercy Mercy for the man whose nation humbled.