About the cancer campaign [Archives:2003/681/Opinion]

October 30 2003

By Dr. Ahmad Al-Baredah
Radiation oncologist

I have some comments on the cancer fund raising campaign which was started last Saturday in Yemen to collect funds for the establishment of a modern center for the treatment of cancer. I just hope that the campaign will be run by an independent NGO, otherwise, it will not achieve its objectives.
I am saying this because I have also noticed that there are many attempts to take the funds to the Ministry of Health to assist in the establishment of a governmental cancer center but what Yemen needs is an independent and non-governmental organization to help in the establishment of an independent and self-managed and run modern cancer center and only this will be the factor behind its success.
I hope that the fund raising committee will take my opinion into consideration because what we need in Yemen is a modern cancer center like that available in countries such as Jordan and Egypt in order to minimize the suffering of thousands of Yemeni cancer patients who have to go abroad for treatment, which is not so far available in Yemen.