About the Salafi sect [Archives:2003/672/Opinion]

September 29 2003

Craig Little (Abu Thaar)
[email protected]

I have read the article about the deportations that took place in Yemen and how over 1800 students of the Salafi methodology of Islam were expelled from the country. I think this was a huge mistake on the part of the Yemeni authorities and this is why.
Anyone even remotely familiar with the salafi's know for a fact that they (the salafis) are against terrorism and that those who support terrorism hate the salafis as they (the salafis) are the only ones in Islam who can refute the jihadis with TRUE, SOUND, KNOWLEDGE BASED Islam. You find many, many, many Muslims saying Islam is against terrorism and its peaceful, etc.. But none of them comes with true knowledge in Islam which is “Allah says and Muhammad says”, and not I think and this is what the Quraan says according to my own interpretation. This is why the jihadis try and kill us salafis before ANYONE else. Because we can refute them and their methodology with the ease that comes with knowing the book and the Sunnah and acting upon it. They call us Jews they call us Murtads they call us all sorts of names but they never attack what we say as they know its truth and to attack the truth is to attack Al Islam, something which they won't do outright directly even though their jihadi actions lead to an attack upon Islam and its people from the kuffar and munafiqeen (disbelievers and hypocrites).
Now the salafis face attacks from multiple directions first from the Kuffar who fear Islam and especially those who practice it completely (the salafis). Hence their call to hear from the “Moderate” Muslims, which is another name for someone just like me. This moderate Islam is the people who look just like them meaning they shave and dress the same as the kuffar and the women dont wear hijab. They don't pray (at least not around them) and they will go out to the club and have a beer (but not often) with “the boys”. Moderate Islam is the Islam which doesn't make the kuffar uncomfortable, meaning no Islam at all. Or they intend the Sufis and they see them as nothing but a bunch of dancing and drinking weirdoes whose women don't dress funny and in an “oppressed” manner.
Then we face attack from the worst of our enemies being the jihadis or better yet call them what they are, the khawarij of our time. They attack us with first Islamic knowledge but they make ta'weel, or twisting the meaning. So to meet their needs they twist the religion of Allah and conform it to their ideas instead of conforming to what the religion calls to. If you don't do or believe or do as they do you are a disbeliever and should be killed. So then they turn and attack us with weapons after we refute them with the knowledge of Islam. These are our worst enemy, as they study and then they attack us with their hands. These are the ones who call to overthrow the governments of the Muslims instead of helping the officials build a better MODERN society based upon Islam. Look at what the khawarij did and are still doing in Algeria. The Algerian khawarij asked the Salafi scholar of the time Shk Alalabani about what they should do and he said be patient, do not go into elections in the government and do not revolt (this is the Salafi Islam!!). They refused and the results was what?, bloodshed. This is the result of leaving the Salafi knowledge, bloodshed, oppression and lewdness.
Last we find the Arab governments against us. They close down the schools and arrest and suppress us. They deport us and harass the scholars. They make learning the methodology of Muhaamed and the salaf difficult and this is in connection with the attack of the kuffar as it's not in the interest of the Arab governments to attack the salafis as it's the salafis that say kuruge (rebelling) against the government is forbidden to the Muslims. Rather you should be patient and call to the religion with patience, but taking up weapons and even public speech which could incite the people to hate and rebel against the government should be left off and is forbidden to the Muslims due to the evil (once again look at Algerian and other places) that comes about from this.
Look at the best books on the market against terrorism all written and authored by salafis. Don't believe me? go to www.salafipublications.com , www.troid.org , www.salafitalk.net , www.thewahhabimyth.com , www.sahab.net (Arabic) and see what all of these Salafi web sites say about terrorism. We call the people to the proper understanding of Allah, the purpose of creation (to worship Allah), the pillars of Islam and emaan (faith) to the men to grow the beard and cut the pants to the women to cover and to be strong in knowledge of Islam. But the kuffar are busy making us seem like terrorists and to top it off the Arab governments seem to be buying it. This in it of itself is to make Islam the same thing as terrorism. This is what they aim to do, starting with those who are the most dangerous, the people with knowledge. Why do you think they say the pen is mightier than the sword? The hope to disarm the people by taking away the knowledge which is the most dangerous thing they face and fear the most,,,, knowledge. This includes knowledge of Islam. The kuffar aren't stupid they know what they are doing, looks like the Muslim governments (except Saudi) don't know what they are doing.
It is not smart to close the schools of the salafis. Even the jihadis used this as a proof for the governments being against Islam and hence needing to be overthrown even though they rejoiced and were happy the schools closed. Through this they gained many followers. We salafis are the weapon against the terrorists, we attack their ideology and destroy it, leaving the jihadis two choices, come back to the truth or remain upon falsehood and be destroyed by Allah. Many have come back to the truth and aided Islam and its people with what they know of these khawiji dogs and their ideas and plots against Islam and its people. With these schools now closed ignorance will become wide spread and with that ignorance the people will become easy targets for the jihadis who are good at argumentation. They know how to convince the people they are correct as they are good at twisting the meanings of the book and the Sunnah. With the salafis this is not possible and they know it, they hate us for our time spent in knowledge and the proper understanding and spreading it to the people and warning the people against them and their types. They are now happy the schools for salafiyah are closed their job recruiting people will now become easier as they will be seen as the only ones teaching Islam and looking like religious people. You hear talk of draining the swamp where terrorism breeds, that wont happen with a war on terrorism, it will happen with knowledge of Islam and Yemen has destroyed a beacon of light in these times of darkness. Instead of these people coming back to their lands with knowledge and teaching the knowledge ignorance will be allowed to spread rapidly, ignorance will lead to terrorism. Look at the jihadi argument in light of the knowledge of the salafis and its clear they are foolish confused people. What have you people done?! Why did you do it?
The Yemeni government has officially helped the terrorist, by closing down the places in Yemen where the true call to Islam and against terrorism were made. Yemen….. a terrorist sponsoring state. Congratulations!