Aden’s new governor is wildly popularViva Al-Shoaiby! [Archives:2003/695/Opinion]

December 18 2003

By Mustafa Nagi
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

It so happened that I visited Aden during the Eid festival several days ago. To my surprise, I have seen the city show quite tangible improvement since the new young, the well educated governor Al-Shoaiby took over to lead the governorate.
While visiting, I saw the governor walking in to his office without any police escort, with a smiling face and everybody around showing him respect and proudly wanting to shake his hand.
Within few minutes, I saw one of his senior staff coming into the office (after the governor), with a military escort (around three of them) with arms. I thought he must be one of government seniors. But, no, he is working with the governor.
I am wondering, why is the governor not escorted, whereas this junior staff to the governor is?
I can't get an answer, except one person next to me and he said to me “he is from the old troops” or in Arabic” Aljunoud Al-qudama”.
So, if he can't perform without a military escort, and if he is not punctual, then I would say: We don't want such people. They should go back to their camps, and let us get relieved from him, and he get relieved from the community he can't trust.
Let's back and encourage the new governor, while I have seen in one afternoon going to the fields to monitor work on the ground, while others sit and chew qat. I have seen him looking after the projects that were underway, in preparation for the festivals.
While he is passing the road, I have seen some crowds on car chanting him “Viva Al-Shoiaby”.
I hope Governor Al-Shoaiby, will keep up this enthusiasm and his sincere willingness to perform his duties.
I also hope the government will encourage to do more by cleaning the crooks of the “old troops” from him management team. Also I hope the higher government will not get rid of him because of his popularity and sincerity.