Administrative reform (2-2) Comprehensive visualization of a modern state [Archives:2006/971/Opinion]

August 10 2006

Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Tarb
The administrative corps needs to have adequate examination in selection of successful senior administration leaders and creative ones. There must also be continuous development process and offering services to the public easily, improvement of operation style, shortening series of procedures, discussion of aspects of mismanagement. The state administrative system should be restructured in order to remove interference in specialties. There must be a mechanism program for the process of creative management work with all its various dimensions so that not to be just reactions or security measures ending with the end of the effect of event. Thus, there will be no curing and program for the future. More over the will of creativity needs the necessity of reforming the society's culture, including the culture of leadership. The recent events have revealed grave mistakes by government parties and the reason behind that is that we have not succeeded in selecting administrative leadership for government ministries and institutions. It is also because we have depended on the approach of courtesy and political and social balances. This is the basic aspect that is beginning to gradually destroy us socially. Unless all become aware of this dysfunction disasters will continue befalling us. There is a common agreement on the existence of administrative disorder and obvious ignored negligence and therefore the culture of fighting corruption must prevail and spread in addition to stressing the attitude of discarding and prohibiting the corrupt administrative practices. The authorities must purify and rectify some legislation that are exploited for personal interests and purposes unlike the basic goals of the law, such as excepting for the purpose of covering a recent subject regarding the keeping in office of some of the pro-regime leaderships or that did not offer magnificent services to the state.

On the other hand, the central apparatus of monitoring and audition that performs the monitoring of the administration system, issues many reports containing many violations and excesses made by many government institutions, but unfortunately those reports have lost their0 importance and do not form deterrence. Therefore, I call for reconsideration of the legislations, regulations and consideration authorities where there are many loopholes. I also call for the punishment of the failing director/minister and reward the distinguished head of the establishment according to the principle of reward and punishment. This procedure enables us to encourage cadres to competition for the interest of the society.

Finally, there must be a stop in appointment of former military men in civil establishments and installations and stop unleashing slogans and statements. We must choose the proper person for the proper place. We have to choose the talented people and those of long experience according to objective criteria. Selection and appointment in leading posts in any sector is a very important and dangerous process. Appointment can be linked to qualification for leading posts in addition to setting up a committee specialized in considering this process and submitting appointment recommendations and this committee should be affiliate of the head of the state. We hope this reform will be adopted after the upcoming presidential and local elections.

Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Tarb is an economist and a professor in Political Science. He is the head of a number of professional associations, such as the Arab Group for Investment and Development.