Al-Saleh project [Archives:2006/1004/Opinion]

December 4 2006

Abdulrahman Bajash
Al-Saleh project began with youth programs and can change from a small stream into a great river if intentions are sincere and a will is available that the project is to be free from defects such as mediation, temperament and selection with criteria of personal, family and zonal relations. If the project finishes its study and will be operative in providing more than 27,000 job opportunities for youth by the year 2007 and has been supplied with more than 60,000 offices in the capital secretariat it is the successful step all demanded to support and provide modern administration turning it into a great river.

I once wrote asking about the personal project of each youth and had said then that the job in government institutions became a refuge for the disabled. Government employees have become rusty to an extent they are just waiting for the end of the month to receive their salary. I queried then why each young person does not think of his personal project. And in order not to do them injustice there must be someone to teach them.

I am interested here to mention some details of the project launched by the agricultural lending bank. The executive manager of the project said the project is not merely concerned with paying non-interest loans and collecting them; it will also follow-up the beneficiaries and market their products and services. He mentions that 90 percent of the tasks and time of al-Saleh project will be devoted to the beneficiaries, follow-up and marketing for them, each one according to the nature and type of his project and products and services the project offers. The project administration will also find for the beneficiaries internal and external markets to display and sell their products.

I have learned the project will realize ambitions of many youths to become distinguished and successful businesspersons. At the present time the project targets graduates from faculties of trade, information and marketing and later specifically from the beginning of January it will target other specialties. In addition there will be implementation of projects of productive families selected from poor families that will include 60,000 persons by the year 2009 while the professionals projects will contribute to provide more than 35,000 job opportunities all over the country. If there is the will and scientific administration the project's results will be great.

Abdulrahman Bajash is a Yemeni journalist and manager editor of Al Thawra newspaper.

Source: Al-Thawra newspaper