America implements its hegemony strategy…Law of jungle [Archives:2003/630/Opinion]

April 7 2003

Mohammed Khidhr
As the days and weeks of the US-led war of aggression on Iraq go on, the course of events prove falsity of the justifications presented by both the American and the British administrations to give any legal reason for launching their illegitimate attack on this country. First of all both the U.S. and the British governments have taken their decision to go to war outside any authorization by the United Nations Security Council or any resolutions adopted by the international community, supposed to act in compliance with rules of the international law and conventions.
When both of the U.S. & British administrations had failed to win an international approval of their plans and policies regarding the Iraq crisis from the UN and their attempts to obtain a voting of approval to their proposed draft resolution, frankly stipulating an automatic authorization for the use of force against Iraq after an expiration date of a specified ultimatum, those administrations, supported by the Spanish government, decided to act outside the corridors and halls of the UN Organnisation and held their summit in a remote Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean to take their decision of launching a war against a sovereign state which is member of the United Nations. The U.S.-British-Portuguese summit gave a 48-hour ultimatum to the political leadership of that country to step down and leave the country; otherwise that tripartite alliance would take an action for ousting the regime by military force. The three states have evidently decided in their summit to act according to dictates of the law of the jungle, i.e. to take the law into their own hands, with apparent disregard towards all international conventions and norms.
They argued that Iraq was not cooperating fully with the UNMOVIC teams of weapons inspection aimed at seeking and destroying the alleged weapons of mass destruction claimed to have been still possessed by Iraq. To refute those countries allegations one should refer to reports offered to the UN Security Council by chief weapons inspector Hans Blix and Mohammed Al Baradie Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in which they proved that Iraq was cooperating with weapons inspectors and facilitating their work in a way leading to clear the country from weapons of mass destruction. In one of his reports Blix had also said that Iraq was cooperating in a proactive way. Both chief inspectors asked the Security Council to give them reasonable enough time to finish their mission in Iraq and thus the whole crisis could be settled peacefully and according to the relevant Security Council resolutions.
The majority of the Security Council 15-member states are against the use of force in this crisis and against passing a new UN resolution other than the resolution 1441, which was still being implemented smoothly by Iraq and the only exceptions were the United States, Britain and Spain.
For many months ago America and Britain kept massing up their military forces in the Gulf and beating the drums of war in the region, refusing to admit that Iraq was cooperating with the UN relevant resolutions, and when Iraq accepted resolution 1441 and admitted weapons inspectors into Iraq and began implementing it they said the threat of using force compelled the regime in Iraq to abide by it. Let's concede the idea that the military pressure made Iraq obliged to accept and implement the said resolution. It is then a good thing to support the diplomatic effort with military threat if it would lead to the implementation of the relevant UN resolutions.
Since the ceasefire in 1991 between the U.S.-led coalition against Iraq following the eviction of Iraqi forces from Kuwait, American and British military strategists have not stopped drawing up plans for effecting a change in the political structure in Iraq which they allege poses a threat to particularly the American interests in this vitally important region of the world and to its hegemony plans designed to this oil-rich region. The events in Kuwait in 1990-1991 and the war that ensued after, paved the way for America to occupy the Gulf region, or as it terms it the ''warm waters'' and consequently its oil wells. And since the mid of the last decade America has been planning to achieve this end, and that what it has actually started doing since 20 March 2003. In their preparations for this war of occupation and colonialism against Iraq, America and Britain depended greatly in their most intelligence efforts on some Iraqi dissidents, claiming to be an opposition, living in America and Britain, who have given them exaggerated and false information on the actual situation in Iraq and nature of the relationship between the regime in Iraq and the people. They have told them that the people there and the armed forces and various components of the society would welcome their invading forces the moment they would put their feet on the Iraqi territories and the first shots they would fire there. They told them the people in Iraq would receive their forces with cheers and the army would surrender themselves and their arms to their troops, with the exception of forces which protect the regime that attached their destiny to the regime itself. Upon theirs and the information they were given by many of the so-called Iraqi opposition, both American and British administrations have based their military plans for a swift and easy achievement of their goals.
Developments of the ongoing war of occupation against Iraq have proved that the Iraqis with all of heir segments do oppose and resist the war it is being waged against them. The Iraqi received the occupation forces with bullets instead of flowers and ever since the resistance of the people supporting their armed forces and paramilitary units is getting intensified day by day. The war the American and the British planned to take only a few days or a week before the collapse of the regime is now in its third week and in its beginning and looks to be dragging for much longer than the Anglo-American invaders had predicted or planned for it. The occupation troops are still roaming in the deserts of southern and middle Iraq and all the towns and cities there are still in the face of attackers, inflicting on them heavy losses in men and equipment and the first batches of their dead and wounded are carried to their countries. All this has toppled the strategies and plans of the Anglo-American forces upside down and reversed all their expectations. The aggressors have wagered on the Iraqis in the south to revolt against their government and welcome and support them but instead of that they are fighting against them along all the past three weeks.
In the Arab and Islamic world, across Europe, Asia, America and Australia there are daily massive protest demonstrations condemning the war and demanding its stop. Interests of the American, British and the countries supporting the war are under constant threat by angry demonstrators, while hatred to whatever American and British is growing very fast all over the world.
Inside Iraq the forces of occupation are perpetrating many unsightly atrocities against the civilians. Thousands of deadly bombs and missiles target around the clock the civilian's houses, schools, hospitals and infrastructure causing massive deaths and destruction everywhere in retaliation for the people refusal to support their campaign and for resisting their occupation of their homeland. Hospitals every day receive tens of wounded innocent defenseless children and women for treatment from wounds inflicted on them by tons of explosives dropped by the aggressors' warplanes or missiles fired from their warships. The aggressor's bombardment would not spare anything, even food and medicine barns and water supply systems. For more than two weeks the people in the city of Basra in southern Iraq are suffering from shortage of water and electricity and food and thousands of them became homeless because their houses have been demolished in fierce bombardment and their situation is heading for a human catastrophe. In the areas that fell in the hands of he Anglo-American forces the people are treated in a humiliating and degrading way in violation of all human rights conventions. Civilians who go out of their towns in quest of food and water are prevented from returning to their homes and families and thus leaving them separated from their families that need their care and protection. Those who are in desperate need of food and water are not given help unless they give the invaders information on resistance units inside their towns and providing them with coordinates to be used in bombarding the town's installations and facilities. It seems that the occupation forces have invented a new version for the program of oil for food and developed it to information for food program. They want them to be guides for killing their kinsmen and destroying of their infrastructure, which is a behaviour violating all international conventions and human morals. All world TV channels show how the Iraqi prisoners of war are inhumanely treated at the hands of the occupation forces that belong to countries bragging of being democracies and want to disseminate their model of democracy all over the world.
The massive killing operations and massive destruction perpetrated by the invading Anglo-American forces in Iraq are alleged to be aimed at liberating the Iraqi people from their regime and destroying the weapons of mass destruction allegedly possessed by Iraq, whereas they themselves are using the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction in killing the civilians and pounding the civilian infrastructure of the country. It is a kind of liberation based on annihilation of the Iraqi people. It is the liberating of Iraq from its people, sending them to graves or become refugees in various parts of the globe. This is the kind of freedom the American and the British administrations want for the Iraqi people.
The world community is strongly demanded to act seriously to stop this crime against humanity and save the Iraqi people from the barbaric slaughter they are facing at the hands of the Anglo-American invading forces. This is a dangerous precedence in international relations among nations and could lead many world disasters. In standing by the Iraqi people and preventing the grave consequences of this barbaric campaign, the entire world is saving itself from chaos and return to the law of the jungle and to establish a world community where all nations could live in peace and prosperity and stability under a world order observing all peoples rights to freedom and sovereignty.