American ViewpointSome very simple things about Sharon and the Likud that no one grasps [Archives:2004/770/Opinion]

September 6 2004

By Richard Melson
For the Yemen Times

Since Americans are “tone-deaf” to history)they not able to comprehend the quip a jazz musician once made, ” you can't know where you're going till you know where you've been”)they are never able to get a real grip on Israel and the Likud and its neo-conservative operatives like Douglas Feith, Perle, Abrams, etc.
Here are some very simple points without which one “misidentifies” the Israel/Zionism/neo-con problem completely:

1. What is the “Isra-America” alliance game?
The “game” is to overturn the current “world system” and get America into bed with Israel “forever”, in what I call “Isra-America.” If the rest of the West becomes “Eur-Arabia,” then this means the West itself is to be smashed into these two blocs.
This means the “upending” or shattering of the US/UN, US/EU, even US/UK, US/”Quartet”, alliances.
The neo-conservatives are to “put this over” in Washington and wind up in control of Washington, which will be controlled from Israel.
In other words, Israel colonizes Washington politically via the neo-conservatives.

2. What is the “demographic game”?
The demographic game is a double ethnic-cleansing:
– Palestinians out of Palestine. Gaza “bantustan” might be necessary as tactical waystation.
– Jews out of Diaspora into Israel: “the final solution to the Jewish problem”. This is accelerated by promoting conflict and tension in places like France.

3. Ethnic game.
The Sharon/Likud idea is to “finish up with Jews” and create Hebrew warriors.
Conflict is desirable since it allows the leadership to “refashion”/”re-smelt” Jews into Hebrews. (Israelites).

4. Why the war in Iraq?
The war in Iraq does several basic things:
– Accelerates and helps bring about “Isra-America” as explained in Point 1 above.
– Might help make the Middle East into one gigantic Beirut during the Lebanon civil war, causing the disintegration of nation-states like Iraq from within along religious and ethnic and tribal “cracks.” (this used to be called “Balkanization”)
– Besides “Beirutization,” described above, it helps bring about a “clash of civilizations” and thus global civil war, further cementing “Isra-America”.

5. Nuclear game
Pakistan and Iran must be made to follow “Libyan example” and give up nukes forever. This gives Israel “nuclear hegemony” till the end of time.
The Israel/neo-conservative “program” as outlined in the five points above tells you that the world is facing a “right-radical” revolutionary movement of tremendous danger.
There is not a single analyst on American TV, on the radio, on a campus, writing for a magazine, paper or journal, who really “gets it” at all.