America’s departure from Iraq [Archives:2006/1001/Opinion]

November 23 2006

By: Iskandar Al-Asbahi
The balances of power in the U.S. congress have changed. The democrats realized a sweeping victory in the mid-term elections of in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It has become impossible for President George Bush to pass policies of the Ehite House after his republican party lost the majority it was possessing

The American impasse in Iraq was, beside corruption, the decisive element in those elections in which programs of general relations and improving the image for the American elector did not produce benefit, for the voter has already decided his mind and will and it has become inevitable for President Bush to adapt himself to the new reality during the next two years of his term.

Will the American policy in our Arab region change due to results of those elections? That is what interests us.

Regardless, the American foreign policy remains in the hands of establishments not to be influenced by who is new in the congress or the White House, but this policy is liable to change. American public opinion is no longer satisfied with White House's policy in Iraq and the new will should lead to new orientations in Iraq. The democrats are able, as they have possessed the power, to force Bush withdraw the American soldiers from Iraq by depriving him of funds required for the occupation forces. However such a thing will not happen. It is more likely, according to many democrats, there will be a gradual withdrawal from Iraq according to a timetable and there should be accord between the two parties regarding this issue. Neither party wants to be responsible for what consequences could result from the withdrawal of American forces of Iraq. The end is still looking for an outlet of the quagmire Iraq has created. Probably the American escape from Iraq can be the outlet after the occupation has left to Iraq a tragedy without solution.

The wrong policy of the occupation and the Iraqi resistance of the American occupation have no doubt their effect on pursuing a new policy by the White House, the closer of which is the escape from Iraq. Nevertheless, will the conscience of American public opinion, as it has now changed the balance of power in the congress, awaken and move with regard to the massacres the Hebrew state is perpetrating against the Palestinian people and influence the policy of its country in supporting the Zionist state of occupation? We do not think the possibility of that to happen. It is not only because most of the democrats that changed the balance of power in the congress are absolute supporters for Israel, it is also because of the addiction of those holding power in our Arab nation of submission and reluctance to building and activation the nation's strength and components in the face of the forces of aggression. We pray that we wake up in a near day.

Iskandar Al-Asbahi is the editor in chief of Al-Mithaq weekly.

Source: 26 September newspaper.