America’s “fulfilled dream” [Archives:2008/1209/Opinion]

November 20 2008

By: Dr. Mohammed Al-Qadhi
The Americans disproved the doubts of many people who believed that America would not elect a black person as a president. They have proved that America is mature enough to take such an unprecedented step and have proved to people all over the world that the United States is indeed the promised land its main founders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson wanted it to be.

The landslide victory of the Democrat Barack Obama against his Republican rival John McCain is actually a turning point in the history of not only the United States but also of a world in which millions of people are still facing racism and discrimination. The civil rights fighter Martin Luther King stood in Washington in 1964 and said his famous phrase, “I have a dream””. He devoted his life to the struggle against the racism his black peers were enduring during that time. The election of Obama is a culmination of the civil rights struggle for full equality and freedom for both black and white American citizens. It is the fulfillment of King's dream. This could have happened only in America