An appeal to the ruling elites:Please sympathize with homeland and citizens [Archives:2009/1222/Opinion]

January 5 2009

Mohammed Sare Shayea
The 1962 September 26 and 1963 October 14 revolutions constituted an important turning point to change the reign of oppression and tyranny and liberate citizens from occupation. They are still remembered as a turning point of entering a new promising future to compensate citizens, who tolerated long-time oppression and backwardness in almost all the areas.

After both revolutions, citizens turned to enjoy social justice and equality in rights and duties, plus application of the equal opportunity principle. Individual citizens were also liberated from all the types of oppression and tyranny and complete guarantees for respecting human dignity and feelings were provided. Therefore, all the strong and weak citizens received equal treatment.

For the sake of citizens' prosperity, the revolutions' objectives were set up as binding approach and reference for all citizens. The homeland sacrificed thousands of martyrs, who let their blood water every hill and part of the nation in defense of the revolutions.

All the Yemenis had the same issue and the same concern, which is the Republic as the newborn after the revolution. They worked hard to render the best for their homeland. They adored their homeland and gifted it the most precious things they had.

That was the way of Yemeni citizens in both the North and South parts. They were racing to sacrifice for the sake of their homeland. Some of them died while others recovered. Nobody of them thought about any personal achievement, looting, status or money. They left their relatives and families behind them and devoted their time to liberate their homeland. They left behind memories for those, who are currently enjoying blooms and achievements reached by the revolutions.

The most important achievements reached by the revolutions are the unification and bringing peoples together after fragmentation and division. Another achievement is that of the democratic approach as decisive option and safe road to achieve expectations, dreams and ambitions of all Yemeni people, most notably as the elites in society cared a lot about preparing homeland and building a new Yemeni citizen purified from all the types of complexities, malice and greed.

Minimum acknowledgement:

Following the revolutions, the ruling elites at that time built a new citizen armed with science, knowledge, loyalty with homeland and sublime morals, via which the nation could reach growth, prosperity and renewable civilization. As a result, all Yemenis are needed to respect spirits of martyrs, who sacrificed themselves for their sake, which is the minimum level of loyalty and acknowledgment.

Undoubtedly, the democratic action experienced in Yemen's political arena in the form of presidential, parliamentary and local elections truly reflects positive interaction of the involved political parties and civil society organizations to express their different and renewable visions according to national principles ensured by the Constitution of the Republic of Yemen.

All the electoral practices are pondered upon as the real mechanism and tool to train citizens and help them know about how to practice their constitutional rights by selecting the best candidates to represent them in the elected councils and sponsor their interests.

The repeated electoral rounds gives a golden chance for citizens to polish and develop their concepts about the significance of practicing their constitutional rights by participating in the elections and casting their ballots freely without any form of pressure or nepotism with candidates.

The Yemenis demonstrated their serious will for change through the good turnout and effective participation in the various electoral processes. Therefore, it is people, who impose on everyone the most applicable option for change and transfer of power through peaceful means.

The ruling elites, who were elected by voters to represent them, should have sympathy with homeland and citizens as a kind of reward for their efforts and contribution to change.

Source: Al-Wasat Weekly