An Ideology without Moral Substance:Zionism is anti-semitism [Archives:2004/765/Opinion]

August 19 2004

The latest effort to promote any stance or opinion against the evil backdrop on which the Zionist movement must rely on as “anti-Semitism” is no more than a continuation of the series of deceptions and twisted moral affinity that shrouds the modern Zionist Movement. Needless to say, Anti-Semitism, long used to distort an ethnic tie to territorial claims based on religious heresy, has worn out as an acceptable slander tool, which was often used against any objectors to the establishment of a state based on sheer chauvinistic dogmatism, clouded in groundless spiritual assertions. So, Zionist ideologists have turned to asserting that anti-Zionism is in itself anti-Semitism. One is not sure, if this is meant to imply that for the Semites (i.e., the Jews, for Zionists only recognize the affiliation of Jews to the Semitic race), there is no departure from Zionism. Why? Perhaps, the success of the anti-Semitic jab has worked so well in bringing about some sympathy for the Zionist Movement, especially after the Nazi persecutions against some of the Jewish communities in Europe (which other ethnic groups also encountered to the same degree). However, there is a growing trend towards questioning the legitimacy of Zionist persecution of the Palestinians and the continuing aggressive lawlessness of the Zionist state. Zionists wish to tie any such criticism with the anti-Semitism that has worked well in the past towards advancing the Zionist agenda. This serves a two-fold purpose: It instills among the Jews of the world, many of whom question the morality of Zionist dogma, the aura of a perpetual anti-Semitic feeling of persecution that only Zionism will stand up to. Furthermore, it introduces a strong sense of the power of the Zionist Movement to stand as the only force that will uphold and defend the interests of the Jews everywhere.
Whatever the case, the Zionist Movement needs to assert itself as the only standard for Jews everywhere to fall under and it is imperative that the scare of anti-Semitism is equated with anti-Zionism to further bind all Jews to the premise that Zionism is their only safeguard against anti-Semitism. For non-Jews the tie up is to ensure that the anti-Semitism charge is further capitalized on to ensure that those who criticize Israel or Zionism will face the charge of ethnic hatred against the Jews because Zionism and the “Semitic” race are inseparable and a bias against one is a bias against the other.
The Anti-Semitic charge is a farce in itself, because in actuality, the Zionist Movement is in theory and practice an anti-Semitic movement. What the Zionist Movement has produced in Palestine is a case of anti-Semitic persecution of the highest degree. The Palestinian Arabs are far more closer affiliated with the Semites of the region and culturally and ethnically have a greater affinity to the land that the Zionists are claiming to be the God-given property of the Semites (i.e., Jews). This does not do justice to the mercy of the Lord Al-Mighty, nor to the strong ethnic affinity that the Zionists claim for Jews as being Semites. In the case of the former, the Zionists are saying that God would find moral comfort in the continuing demise of the Palestinians under Zionist persecution as fulfillment of God's will. In the latter, if the Zionists claim to Jewish affiliation with the Semitic race has any merits, would it be ethnically logical for Semites to butcher their own brethren (the Arabs are the descendants of Abraham through his son Ishmael, while the Zionists claim that all Jews are the descendants of Isaac, the other son of Abraham)? But, the Zionists refuse to take note of this kinship and wish to only regard Jews as the only genuine Semites. This would be the only way they can try to give strength to territorial claims in Palestine. Thus, no effort is spared to ensure that Arabs are not even regarded as Semites at all and that only “Jews” are entitled to this ethnic affiliation. Needless to say the former are more genially and historically tied to the Semitic race, for the simple reason that they have occupied the region since time immemorial, whereas the latter have never had a firm footing in Palestine itself for any considerable period of time, especially the majority of the Jews who immigrated to Israel after the original Semites, the Palestinians were literally uprooted from their homeland. Most of these immigrants are more ethnically and culturally akin to the cultures they emigrated from than to the indigenous Palestinians they uprooted.
However, the trend towards having anti-Zionism equated with Anti-Semitism is further encouraged because there is really no real desire for ethnic association by current Zionists with the Arabs and thus no desire to even blend in with the indigenous “Semitic” cousins. This will become clearer when this column takes a hard look next issue at a long article of James Bennet of the New York Times about one of the most prominent icons of the Zionist Movement in modern times, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel, who is a full manifestation of all the evil attributes that are part and parcel of Zionist creed.
Zionism and Semitic association is simply a deception that has no merit on moral grounds and kinship affiliation. For one thing, the Semites (including the ancient Hebrews) have a strong inclination towards carrying the banner of spiritual moral affinity and the major monotheistic religions of the world originated with the Semites. Thus the desire to associate Zionism with Semitic ethnicity gives Zionism a moral spiritual accent by which Zionists wish to credibly disguise their real evil designs, not just for the region but on an international plane as well. This discussion was imperative in order to be able to understand how the mentality of a staunch Zionist like Ariel Sharon can be better understood and the dogmatic venue that produces such a monstrous chauvinistic personality.