Another colonialism? [Archives:2003/682/Opinion]

October 30 2003

By Latfi Omar
Colonialism may be defined as the practice in which a powerful country rules a weaker one and establishes its own trade culture there. This was common historically. Now it has new trend. It’s when a country like the U.S.A wants to rule all the world to achieve its geographic, historic and political aims.
They want to change the Arab map in these parts. If we take about the geographic perspective, this is the plan of demarcation of Israel in which the American presence in the Arab region is worse than the weapons of mass destruction that Iraqi government is said to possess.
If Iraq were to have these weapons, it would be possible to disarm. But what about the American presence? How can we send them away? If we remember the Gulf war, look how American forces are staged there up to now. This costs much and ruins the economy of situation in most Arab countries.
The war against Iraq contradicts its religion and constitution. How can Arab countries who are allied with the American administration allow American forces to move across their lands? In the Arab summit conference some countries asked Iraqi president Saddam Hussien to denounce his presidency just as the American president asked him.
Now let us talk about Palestine. I won’t talk about it for long. I think what is happening there is just as a game, where Zionist troops always kill children, women and old men without mercy. This is not terrorism but defending their rights as America claims. In addition Bush describes Sharon as a man of peace. As suicidal Palestinians kill themselves and Israelis, the international community denies and describes this as terrorism. I want to ask them what is terrorism in their understanding?