Arab leaders or the Arab LeagueWhich needs reform first? [Archives:2003/660/Opinion]

August 18 2003

Tahir Mohammed al-Juniad
For the Yemen Times

Arabic as a language has granted Arabs a large scope for avoiding accusation phrases and blame words still conveying the same meaning. A clear example of which is how Arabs can easily throw the blame of all the mess Arab peoples are suffering today on the Arab League. The latter structure is nothing but a huge building based in one of the famous streets in Cairo, built according to regular building standards and consisting of offices and furniture. Accurately speaking we will be putting the blame on a building which does not make sense, the same way how we blamed the failure of freeing Palestine from the Zionist occupation is the fault of the defected weapons whereas weapons whatsoever remain pieces of metal or instruments that have no control over themselves or anything else. The actual fault is that of the defected brains that bought the weapons but still we blame it on the weapons.
And so on, setting the rules and regulations, then when violation takes place we blame the system. Whereas it is logical that when the rules that are actually man- made do not cater to his needs or wishes it becomes easy, and in fact logical, that he breaks them.
So it is actually not a matter of written rules because then how else does Great Britain go about while till date it is progressing without a written constitution. United States has a constitution more than 100 years old unmodified since its creation. France is working on the same constitution since the French revolution. Then how come the Arab League Convention which is less than 50 years old continuously requires modification and adjustment as if it is the magic key to all doors and with just this additional change everything is going to be alright?
If true will was there it wouldn't need any modification of convention or enhancement of buildings, for if the Arab leaders truly wanted to make a change they could meet up even in one of the kitchens of the Arab League building.
So if it was not the building's fault, not the convention's fault then maybe we can blame it on the staff and personnel of the Arab League. But this also doesn't make sense, does it? Because those people work per contract and according to internal regulations within the league or delegated by their countries as ambassadors and diplomats. Any violation of the rules or contract would subject the culprits to questioning and hence measures would be taken to tackle the situation. And there are many who would easily replace them if needed so. Moreover these personnel are merely implementers to policies draw at higher level policies which they have no say about, for they merely follow orders.
So if it not all that, then whose fault is it? The Arab leaders who could not even have enough space in their hearts for each other and whose accusation words and harsh hints were exchanged in their meetings in front of millions of Arab people witnessing how their leaders who are supposed to be ideals for them are behaving.
With all regards, what is taking place in the Arab world has nothing to do basically with the Arab League, which is simply a ship that all are boarding on and each one is trying to be the captain of to lead it where they wish, regardless of the common good. And when dispute takes place it is survival of the fittest and defeat of the weak.
If truly reform is what's Arab leaders seek then solution would be by taking an honest wise stand in the current developments in the world and to set the disputes and arguments aside, allowing common good and welfare of the people to prevail. This stand that is not only words but is action and steady implementation of the words.
Leaders must convince themselves of their leadership because the era of coups is over. The current Arabs have become immune to such concepts and are psychologically prepared to believe in the existing leadership. All is required today for leadership is to have a TV station that broadcasts the leader's achievements and movements along with a number of security guards to provide safety to the leader from some rare people who have a problem in their thinking and hope to reach power through coups.
The options of the future have become distinct; either a unity that yields pride or a more degrading life where failures and tragedies are the dominant feature of the Arabs lives. We must stop hanging our failures on the Arab League. Europe has united in spite of the drastic differences between the European nations why can't the Arabs who are originally same in every thing rise above the minor difference and get together?
A basic foundation of trust and good will must be ensured at first in stead of being lost in the power establishing loop, forgetting that being a ruler over a dead or handicapped nation is not much to be pleased with, not much at all!