Arabs’ fault is that they don’t read [Archives:2008/1186/Opinion]

September 1 2008

Abdullah Al-Shuaibi
The persisting problem with the Arabs is that they don't read. And if they think about reading or read, they don't understand what they have read while the whole world knows the Arabs as behaving this way. Their catastrophe is that they don't like the educated people and scholars in their nations.

The Arab nationals like insulting, arresting and cracking down on educated individuals and scholars in their nations, particularly if they have an available chance to invent. It is an illiterate nation, notably as the illiterate people account for 80 percent of the Arab population.

Such a high illiteracy rate continues to grow with the passage of years while the Arab funds are usually spent on the tourist facilities and resorts for westerners. The Arab nationals have no access to such facilities. The Arab governments also spend a large amount of money on political, security and military purposes at the expense of science and scientific research.

Who knows about the condition of a nation producing diverse resources that only benefit non-Arab individuals and Americans? This means that the Arab world is a nation that safeguards and produces resources to the advantage of others. What we can expect this nation to have except for insult and humiliation in the producing of which it is skilled.

The Muslim nations seem to have abandoned their principles as they respond to demands and desires of the west. The Arab nations have become recipients to knowledge and production of the western science, which was taken from Arabs during the peak of their prosperity. These days, the Arab scientists prefer to emigrate from their homelands to the west due to the lack of good policies to encourage and support education and scientific research.

The western territories, which were once a ground for destructive wars and violent conflicts, have become lands of peace, security and safety. They have also become homes to Arab scientists and inventors, who left their homelands as a result of repeated crackdown by authorities of their governments.

Arab region: a ground for terrorism and violence

Following departure of Arab scientists to the western countries, their homelands turned to be exposed to looting, rape, backwardness and fragmentation. Only the Arab region that has become a focus for terrorism, conflicts, poverty and backwardness, as well as a ground for the excessive and irresponsible use of weapons manufactured in the west.

The Arabs never react to any acts of violence and vandalism taking place in their homelands, as they are extremely engaged in backbiting each other, or accusing each other of being disbelievers.

The Arab region splits while we turned to suffer civil wars and domestic conflicts, reject one another and conspire against one another. Afterward, we claim to be infallible and know facts as they really occur on the ground. Frankly speaking, we the Arabs are not brave enough to defend our rights and dignity. The westerners, be they weak or strong, think about occupying our homelands because they actually know that we are people who don't read history well. And if we read history, we understand nothing of what we have read.

We are peaceful, submissive and obedient people to oppressive rulers, who often mistreat us, abuse our human rights and deny us our right to lead a peaceful and luxurious life.