Arabs…Haunted with the past [Archives:2003/626/Opinion]

March 10 2003

By Yazan Al-Saghiry
[email protected]

The funny thing about us -Arabs – is worshiping our past dates and occasions. When it comes to our dignified history, we all start boasting, delivering speeches and telling stories about that date when Arabs did this and that to a state which might be vanished many centuries ago!
In fact, there is no problem in remembering our history at all-expect the fact, we are a real shame on it, but the problem occurs in not memorizing dates of our present events. Can any one tell me when did the massacre of Al-Haram Al- Ibrahimy Al-Sheriff happen? Very few people would memorize that it was on 25 February, and those who know are all Arabs or Muslims, because most of Europeans and Americans don't know about such a massacre at all, on the contrary, U.S.A kept reminding us of September the 11th to the extent that no one on earth can ever forget the date of the most horrible terrorist action happened to U.S.A in its all “short” history. To be brief, I think it is the time to wake up from this history coma and keep remembering and reminding the world of very important date; February the 15th although it was made by non- Arab hand!
It is the date when the whole world protested and shouted in one loud clear voice against the U.S policy, which was characterized by rudeness and disrespect to 5.5 Billions people living around. Because, this policy believes that America is the center of the world and the others are margins. It is a goddess and the others are its own shadows that must follow and obey. The world on 15 February delivered direct massage to U.S.A “enough, enough of marginalizing us”.
Anyone who thinks that demonstrations were staged only for the sake of Iraq is very mistaken. They were a normal result for hundreds of accumulated irresponsible actions and selfish behavior by the U.S.A administrations, since the unfortunate collapse of former USSR. Iraq is just one link of an endless chain. But, the Iraqi problem made an international challenge especially after the security council resolution No'1441' showing clearly the ugly and ruthless face of U.S.A, which was hiding behind the mask of “September the 11th Martyr”. It is the face that has every right to marginalize great nations like Germany and France to ” the old Europe” as the U.S Defense Secretary described them for their honorable positions during Iraqi crisis, without paying any consideration to the fact that these two nations are history and present markers and they are going to be the future makers as well; despite what Uncle Sam Administration thinks. Besides, it is the face that wants to punish Iraq for a reason no one is sure or even convinced about it, and at the same time, supporting Israel which violates 500 resolutions of the U.N, 51 of them were made by the Security Council itself. Not to mention, it refuses to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). While it definitely has nuclear, chemical, Biological and mass destruction weapons!
Nevertheless, Gondaleeza Rice (U.S National Security Adviser) made statements after the huge demonstrations by one single day saying 'those marches are not going to pressure U.S.A to avoid the war if U.S wanted to strike Iraq'! Only an irresponsible administration refuses to fulfill six hundred cities fair demands for world peace, especially when we know that 100 of the cities were in U.S.A and about 55% of the rest where in its allies (England, Spain, Australia etc..)
Finally, I'll quote from Mr. Bush himself ” The Game Is Over”, but it is to U.S.A not to Iraq. The world is not fooled any more by the clownish justifications for doing horrible things to innocent people using the shining title 'fighting terrorism', especially when the terrorism becomes marked by 'Made In U.S.A'.
15 February was a real referendum for what U.S.A did, does and attempt to do. Those Millions of 11th has become certainly the monster of February the 15th.