Arabs never liked Saddam [Archives:2003/635/Opinion]

May 12 2003

By Ali Al-Ghalebi
Aden University, Aden
[email protected]

First of all I am here to congratulate you our great Editor and your staff about your great work on making Yemen Times in this beautiful style and also for your great patience on those people who are writing unbelievable words weekly through this section of your paper. And I hope my following comments will have a place in the same section, I want one of those Americans who are annoying me weekly to give me reasonable answers for the following questions:” who told you that Arabs love Saddam Hussein?”. If the answer is: because they -or most of them- are against the war against him ” if this is the answer, so let me ask you again:” why do you think that most of Arabs and Muslims didn't want the war against Saddam although they are hating that Dictator? ..let me tell you one thing, the difference between you and us that we -Arabs and Muslims- are looking to everything in our life through our religion.. but you don't have similar thing which is procedure to your acts .. we have the Qura'an which is Allah's speech and we have the Sunna which contains all of our prophet Mohammed -PBUH – orders and acts .. so we have two references to return to when we face any problem .. That's the fact most of Americans don't know. Being Iraq under a torture regime doesn't give us a reason to bring “Zoro” to liberate it.. Why? Because this is not mentioned in our Islamic history – long before Zoro' was born.
You -Americans- by your opinions want us to be either Saddam's supporters or peace distracters… NO we don't like any Muslim to be under a similar regime Please do write reasonable subjects and try to make your speeches more objective.