Arabs’ Palestine & the silence of graves [Archives:2006/962/Opinion]

July 10 2006

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh
From my viewpoint, writing about issues away from the current situation in Palestinian is like singing and dancing at the funeral. I don't know how words can satisfy the reader if they are not about Palestine, a land filled with blood and smoke and besieged by the ugliest aggression, which is the daily practice of settlement occupiers whose values are worse than those of thieves and murders anywhere and at anytime.

It is obvious that this aggression does not differentiate between children and old men, nor does it respect trees or seeds, and no blame or denunciation can deter it from exercising brutality. It only has a faith in the force, which it worships and fears.

Some political analysts, be they Arabs or foreigners, never see a reason for the unprecedented Israeli aggression, except for Iraq's absence plus the comprehensive Arab catastrophe and the spiritual and material defeat on the part of Arabs this absence caused. The consequence of Iraq's absence made some Arab leaders, mainly those who are loyal to the US, feel horrified by the leisure left by the Iraqi army. They fear facing up to what happened to Iraq, however, if they have some loyalty to their citizens and nations, they will find out that nothing except for defending rights and principles can save them from the tragic destiny. The Palestinian right is the first thing to back, as it is the right of those who face death every moment for they cling to defending what remains of their home soil and refuse to submit or to accept eternal slavery and the settlement of occupiers.

There is no doubt that rage and sadness have become a commonplace among the ordinary Arab citizens, and there should be no surprise if we hear or listen that sad citizens started to behave in a way closer to madness. This is the ordinary citizens' natural reaction to what is daily committed by the Zionist occupiers who use various means and show differing excuses and wrong justifications. The Zionists' acts are confronted by a kind of reaction, similar to the silence of graves. Policies adopted by the Arab regimes, who established political ties with the Israeli Occupation, make the ordinary citizen behave this way and demonstrate this reaction, whether it is convenient or not. What matters for the ordinary citizens is overcoming silence and indifference on the part of regimes.

I don't believe that furious reactions are only felt among ordinary Arab citizens, but that there are similar reactions in the eastern and western communities as they view massacres and brutalities on a daily basis. There still are nations with humanitarian attitudes and look sadly over the killings of children and old men, the demolition of houses, the uprooting of trees and strikes on innocent people holidaying at the beach. Retaliation towards what happens to children and innocent people, who are subjected to bloodshed on a daily basis in their homeland, is a must. Under no circumstance, can this retaliation be carried out by the Arab regimes. Only nations or the world public opinion, which stocks the daily reactions, are able to retaliate.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh is Yemen's prominent poet and intellectual. He is the director of the Yemeni Center for Studies.