As if things are not bad enoughNow the car bombs [Archives:2007/1065/Opinion]

July 5 2007

If there is anything that could be said about the situation in Yemen, it is that there are a million ways that in which things could be a lot better. For some three decades now, we have seen the state of the country steadily evolve far away from the peaceful land of mainly good people, who were cloaked in a halo of innocence that simply did not exist anywhere else in the world. How this transformation was allowed to take place defies all rational reasoning: It was the doing of all those in this country, and overseas who thrive on evil, who found the good kindness of the Yemeni people easy game for them to unleash their ugly premonitions on the innocent society that used to be Yemen. There was not one evil that could not find its niche in our midst and to our present horror, we now have that dreadful phenomenon that tops all the dreadful phenomena: the scornful car bombs and the suicide terrorists, who have lost all sense of righteousness and conscience and truly have forgotten all human values and distorted the whole image of spiritual bliss. These heinous scientifically reared monsters of death are the worst development, which the current world has to live with and there is no telling where the end of their path leads to. For sure, however, since their appearance with the advent of the Third Millenium, it is clear that death has become a freely roaming ogre that our leaders have allowed to sustain itself and for which there is no panacea whatsoever.

This horrific fiend of death has found its home just where the planners and long term strategists of the international syndicate of evil, spearheaded by the International Zionist Establishment, want it to operate, a clear proof that those reared in suicidal mania surely have no interest or desire to see Moslems see peace and tranquility, although they attempt to fooll the world otherwise, that they seek to liberate Moslems. If this liberation is like the peace, freedom and liberty that one is seeing in Iraq, then we have no desire to be drowned in a sea of blood as Baghdad has become. What Yemenis have long yearned for was a chance to be free from the follies of their leaders, who are directly responsible for just about every heartache, pain and absolute mayhem that has overtaken Yemen and of course even these car bombers and the suicidal nincompoops, such as the recent murderers of the Spanish tourists, of whom Islam is absolutely innocent of, even if the beards of these infidels sweep the floor they walk on!

For years now, many have warned of the many mysterious camps found throughout the country that have become breeding grounds for these horrible human carriers of death, and many have suggested that the Government open its eyes ans stopo welcoming the foreign residents of these camps. The Government goes and does the opposite. It allows these camps to operate freely and to carry out whatever activities their sponsors dictate to them from the Citadel of the Salafis in Najd, who in turn take their dictates from the real international axis of death led by the International Zionist Establishment and the American Military Industrial Complex that has spread havoc throughout the world over the last seven years.

No one is fooled anymore. This War on Terror is a war that in fact thrives on terror and is very astutely organized to produce a frightening aura of misery and hopelessness, as even the most modern security apparatus are baffled by the mysterious and almost untouchable masters of death these terrorists have become.

Apparently, Yemen is now the next country to fall into the quagmire of violent prone nations, where one's fate is bound to become unpredictable, with little to assure the heads of households that their siblings will return home alive, when they go to school or to play, if any of them would dare venture into such an oddity, which play has become in these parts of the world.

Mr. Bush your War on Terror is going just as planned and now Yemen has become enmeshed in a new aura of violence and bloodletting, our Government has helped to implant. The observer is reluctant to feel any sense of optimism anymore as the last terror attack in Mareb has destroyed the last remaining hope for rejuvenating the economy: a fledgling tourist industry that could help make up for the stolen revenues of oil most common Yemenis never have a chance to see, let alone feel.

I can assure the Spanish people that this murderous crime is no reflection of Yemeni hospitality and the Yemeni people are overwhelmingly saddened by it with their heartfelt regrets and sympathies to the families of the victims and to all the people of Spain. May God hold us harmless from any further acts by these murderers. Now, we remind our leader once again, go after those mysterious camps, or is it maybe too late?

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.