Back to FriedmanCursed by Zionism! [Archives:2004/737/Opinion]

May 13 2004

Of course all of this clamor that has been going on over the “abuse” of Iraqi prisoners (60% of whom are said to be innocent by the admission of the occupation forces) would not escape the wise pen of Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. But, alas Thomas Friedman would only find the horrendous abuses of the occupiers a simple entry point for Friedman to unleash his true hatreds and double loyalty, with his Zionist inclinations highlighted to the maximum.
On May 6 Friedman shows his horror at the “loss of honor” he detects in the abuses. First of all these are not merely “abuses”. These are crimes against humanity, which are absolutely inexcusable, just as inexcusable as the war that is creating them!
However, I would like to say that I began to think that Friedman was really speaking words of wisdom by all the obvious displeasure he found in all the talk about the cruelty of the occupiers and the obvious harm that these vices by the “occupation” coalition are causing to the image of the United States: “I have never known a time in my life when America and its president were more hated around the world than today” is how Friedman assesses the whole issue of prisoner humiliation and torture of Iraqi prisoners. Now that is what I call powerful editorial commentary. I even began to have second thoughts about my suspicions of Friedman.
He then impresses me more with a comment later in the same article: “It is hard to partner with someone (i.e., the “Arabs and Muslims”) when you become so radioactive”. Again, we have powerful commentary here of nuclear dimensions!
However my rising hopes about the celebrated writer were thrown off the wall by Friedman's article of May 9, 2004 suspiciously titled: Cursed by Oil. In fact the writing style proved his evil inclinations from the start. This article, unlike the earlier one, was a whole lot of mumbo jumbo that started in Tokyo, passed through Korea, Taiwan and China, then zoomed through Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Morocco and Tunisia in one sweep, taking a break in Falluja, with a sigh of grief in Saudi Arabia and transit flight to India as we go back again to the Far East with the addition of Singapore to the former Far Eastern countries mentioned.
Through all this tiring journey, Mr. Friedman sought to impress us with his “man of the world” image that allows him speak with authority, when he is ready to lash out against the “Arabs and Muslims” of the world, as if almost to say, “I had no sympathy for those tortured Iraqis”, we almost thought he seemed to feel sorry for. No, the earlier article was just for show, just to introduce the article of the 9th. In the latter, his true self will be manifested more to the point with the pretension that he was advising the 'Arabs and Muslims” on the right path: “It's time for the Arab World to grow up – to stop dancing on burning American jeeps and claiming that this is victory for Islam”. Such rhetoric is absolutely Zionist in words and feelings that only a fool would not fail to realize the evil implications before Friedman's seemingly innocuous blab-blab. This kind of style is classic Zionist propaganda which is found in almost in all the literature produced by Zionist American sympathizers. As if he is not shooting all this blab out of an empty mouth, but rather from first-hand knowledge, Friedman points out that, notwithstanding the prisoners tragedy in Iraq: “But here's what else I know from visiting Iraq: There were a million acts of kindness, generosity and goodwill also extended by the individual US soldiers this past year There are plenty of Iraqis and Arabs who know that.” He did a lot of counting. He also talked to many Arabs – the likes of Ahmed Shalabi – who reassured him about how Arabs think, steal, and lie!
This is classic double loyalty in its meanest manifestation and ethnic slurring: “One thing about countries liked Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, they may not have deserts (of course the ethnic implications are that the Arabs and deserts go hand in hand), but they sure know the difference between the mirage and oasis (back to subtle and devious ethnic slurring) – between victories that come from educating your population to innovate and “victories” that come from a one-night stand by suicidal maniacs like 9/11.” There it is folks; all the Arabs are guilty by association for 9/11. Funny, how Mr. Friedman is not carefully surfing on the web. He will find to his surprise – and to his horror – that there hundreds of web-sites that are trying to educate the American people and the international public that 9/11 was actually a product of Zionist scheming, engineering and conniving, and these are sites actually operated by genuine good real loyal Americans, who see something awfully fishy about what has been transpiring in the United States and in the whole world since George W. Bush and the Cheney gang took over the helms in Washington and all transparency and accountability got thrown out the window! The obvious bonds between this gang and the international Zionist establishment, of which Friedman is a bona fide member in good standing has not escaped, even the blind. Sharon is courageous, Rumsfeld is courageous and now Friedman wants to join the lot of the courageous by continuously manifesting his prejudice and ethnic chauvinism by lashing out against the Arabs and Muslims (though the whole world spells it “Moslem”, but Friedman knows that Moslems are not happy with his spelling version of it because it connotes the heretical Black Muslim movement of the Nation of Islam of the late Elijah Mohammed). We read you well, Friedman and see through your obvious prejudice and double fealty.