Be cautious against political HIV [Archives:2007/1110/Opinion]

December 10 2007

By: Dr. Saif Al-Asali
There are two deadly and incurable diseases that exhaust energy of all human beings. The two diseases are cancer and AIDS and both are known for their malignance. Malignancy of the cancer cell encourages this cell to expand and magnify at the expense of other cells, and then control the nutrition of all the cells, thereby causing death of the healthy cells and helping the malignant ones to multiply. To work with other cells in harmony, the healthy cells must take nothing except for their portion of nutrition, and if this nutrition is too much, all the cells in the human body will magnify. But if nutrition was little, the body cells will get thinner and thinner, and in both conditions, the body remains in a state of balance.

In case of HIV infection, its virus's malignance will motivate it to penetrate into the sound immune cells that are responsible for protecting the human body. This infection will then control nutrition of the immunity cells and destroy them to remain alone, but it is remarkable that eliminating these cells means leaving the human body without an immune system to protect it. Consequently, the body will fall an easy prey to the weakest germ that destroys the body and the virus at the same time, and this germ doesn't know that via immortalizing the malignant virus that destroys all the immune cells, it destroys itself. If the human body is dead, the HIV will die too as it will have no nutrition.

It is clear that humanity succeeded in magnifying cancer via developing the means of its treatment, be they the ones related with surgeries or the use of chemical drugs and different X-rays. So, there is a great possibility in achieving complete success in exterminating this incurable disease in the near future if there is a God's will. But, when it comes to the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), developing an effective medicine for this epidemic is still somewhat difficult.

Even if some people claim that they have discovered a medicine for this disease, they have not yet proved effectiveness of their medicine in real-life situation.

As far as the political field is concerned, cancer can be likened to corruption while AIDS can be compared to political malice and giving priority to personal interests. From the realistic viewpoint, corruption is not a phenomenon applicable to everyone, but it is limited to a small minority. The majority of people can be instigated against this epidemic (corruption) and then start the surgical operations for eliminating the ailing cells, or using the chemical substance or X-rays to help the body (nation) escape consequences of this epidemic.

With regard to the AIDS, which here stands for political malice and giving priority to personal gains, it will destroy the body if it had proliferated throughout the body (nation). And if there is some medicine for curing this epidemic, it will be difficult to get rid of unless the nation is divided into smaller parts. This is why the best mean for dealing with this epidemic is the preventive measures.

One of the prevention measures is confining those infected with this virus in order not to communicate to others, and the situation necessitates hard work to make available isolated places for those infected with the virus, as there is no hope in the present time for treating it.

In this context, the national interest requires quick action against all the political parties and forces that are infected with malice in this manner, and this action should include all the newspapers and journalists infected with this virus.

Those who advocate apostasy under the pretext of citing some infringements and violations are infected with the political HIV, as damaging the national unity may help increase such infringements and violations. And, those who instigate chaos and violence under the guise of price hikes are infected with the political HIV too, as chaos will only help prices to skyrocket.

Source: Al-Thawra State-run Daily.