Believing in miracles alone is not enough [Archives:2004/798/Opinion]

December 13 2004

The almost 50/50 split in the results of the American Presidential Elections of last November was a major setback for many Americans, who were catapulted by the events of 9/11 to seek real answers to what really happened on that tragic day. These people suspected the official position of their government taken since that day with respect to so many of the issues that are not only of importance to Americans, but to world peace and to the achievement of justice for all mankind. These people were not merely utopians chasing after some far fetched ideas. On the contrary, they really considered United States government policies, as adopted by the George W. Bush Presidency as not commensurate with what loyal Americans, guided by the fundamentals set forth by the founding fathers of the American Republic and their own intuitions as their consciences would mold them, should succumb to. These are not people who simply are entrapped in any form of radical rebellious spirit along the lines advocated by radicals of the second half of the last century. These p0eople are from all walks of life and professions – teachers, businessmen, writers, students and a whole assortment of categories and social standings. They all have one thing in common: a strong belief that there is something that is happening to America, which simply is not guided by national interest, or any fundamental beliefs of high moral fiber. Thus, these people, after seeing the almost unacceptable idea of having George W. Bush and his clique of right wingers have a chance to go at it again, saw all their tireless efforts to persuading their fellow countrymen that Bush is putting America on the wrong track go down the drain. In fact, some even went further and stated clearly and loudly that America has been sucked into the Likudnik Zionist mentality, which to these Americans is as destructive to America as it is to the Palestinians.
In their expression of sorrow, some could only hope that a miracle will give rise to a changeover from this unexpected return of the Bush Administration. They really felt that Americans could not be manipulated to believe that a repeat of the last four years of illogical foreign wars, bad management of domestic affairs, isolationism from former allies and all the other irrational attributes of the Bush Presidency is in the best interest of the United States. They were startled to witness their fellow Americans for once unable to see the irrationality of their own choice. This hopeless feeling borough many to think that only leaving the matter with the Al-Mighty would eventually repair the course for America. But as John Kaminski wrote to a mutual friend Duane Evans, “Duane, if you believe that miracles are the only way out of the demise we are in, you are all wrong”. Americans cannot hope to become simply fatalists and expect the Al-Mighty to bail them out, says John in more ways than one. Americans can only get out of this predicament through miracles worked by their own hands!
This can also be said of many of the Moslem and Arab countries that are suffering from oppression and autocratic regimes that threw away such things as moral considerations and national interest ever since their leaders rode their tanks and armor to power. We hear Moslems all over the world state, God is bound to take pity on us and relieve us from all these calamities that we are subjected to. Alas, Allah has clearly stated that: “Allah does not bring change to what a nation is confronting, until the people (of that nation) bring change within themselves”. In other words, it is up to people to act if they want to change their destinies and not let a minority decide their fate and future for them and their children. Yes, God is not averse to seeing oppression and tyranny over his worshippers, but then again, God himself would not act alone, but through human agents to deliver their people from such oppression and tyranny. Thus, as is the case in America, those who aspire to correct the misguided course the Moslem World is following are asked to remember that their religion demands that all worshippers are responsible for their destinies and must take the proper course that will set their paths straight and enable their countries to come out of their depressive states. It is no wonder that throughout the ages, God had to rely on human messengers to set the minds of people straight on how they can control their destinies, but at the same time implored even the most faithful of his believers that only through their own action can they expect to overcome the stagnant and repressive lives they are forced to live in.
How can a people under so much repression free themselves from well entrenched autocratic orders that are not ready to relinquish any of the tight holds that their rulers have on their subjects? The answer varies from situation to situation, and depends on the level of repression and hopelessness one endures in any given society. But to rely on the hope that a heavenly sent miracle will pave the way is a misconception and a weakness in the belief in the Al-Mighty. One only has to look at the history of the early Moslems to realize that the early Moslems were active Moslems, who sacrificed a lot to make sure that the Moslems are free from any form of oppression and persecution. Moreover, they knew that they had to deliver a message to the world that it is not faith alone that defeats tyranny and oppression, but rather it is faith combined with resolute determination to overcome all forms of misguided despotic rule or even social inequity.
Yes, God is capable of quickly changing our plight, but if Moslems do not realize that only when believers are ready to take action against the distortions created by despotic rule, then God will simply sit aside and wait for us to wake up to the sad reality that the faithful indeed let all that is happening to them occur without so much as raising a finger to protest the pathetic state their rulers have left them in. The miracle, as John Kaminski says, is indeed in the hands of people!