Black coup [Archives:2007/1090/Opinion]

October 1 2007

Ali Al-Garadi
The peaceful protests of struggling retirees were about to culminate with the issuance of a republican decree and formation of field committees to address their legal demands, which have earned national recognition and popular legitimacy.

Since 1994, illusions have joked with imaginations of the winner in that year's Civil War, thereby permitting what is not permissible such as looting, land grabbing and violating principles of equal citizenship and partnership. These illusions also prohibited what is permissible.

As of 1997, we first started to see the abuse of equal citizenship and ending the partnership with other politicians in the country, the country was since then confiscated in favor of the General People Congress. This was primarily at the expense of equal citizenship.

We understand well that Yemen's political regime doesn't tolerate its citizens, nor does it represent people, thus making them unpaid labor, who are exploited by influential officials in a way contravening and exploiting the Constitution. Nothing more has been realized other than a regime at the expense of the nation, totalitarianism under the guise of unity and supporting oppressors at the expense of the oppressed.

For the majority of Yemenis, national unity means an ideology, an identity and an interest, and any gestures about exploiting unity for personal gains is an apostasy from the most precious thing Yemeni people have)unity.

Frankly speaking, I say to those who behave in a way harming our national unity may be traitors for the regime, thereby suggesting baseless justifications for cracking down on protesters and peaceful protests and denying the oppressed their constitutional rights. Also, they may have hired mercenaries, who trigger animosity toward the nation's unity. Regretfully, all this vocabulary is taken from the authority's dictionary. This is why I have become unable to understand the meaning of resisting oppression, corruption and bloodshed, as well as relating them with unity and the unified nation. Why do we retreat from those who brought us up while we were children and educated us on the slogan “Jaizan is our land and Najran will be restored?”

Our houses were destroyed and our children became homeless for the sake of this unity. But I understand well that the regime supported the currents of 'reforming the unity course' at the expense of the Yemeni Socialist Party. I understand that we are supporting the preparation of extorters to assault journalists at the Liberty Square, raid newspapers and loot their equipment.

The authority is exercising a coup against democracy but in a smooth manner. There is also a coup against popular representativeness and legitimacy while others are exercising another coup against peaceful protests and driving the situation toward much more violence and anarchy. Ultimately, the situation will reach a single result, which is a blind regime and a kind of ruler, who exercises violence against the nation because they are blinded against human rights.

Ali Al-Garadi is a Yemeni journalist and the head of the media committee of Yemeni Journalist Syndicate.

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Source: Al-Ahali Weekly