British citizen claims miscarriage of justice [Archives:2004/706/Opinion]

January 26 2004

By Sakr Quner Shihals
c/o Garir Shihals@

Almost every citizen in Yemen faces injustice and suffers in loss of their human rights. Justice is unavailable especially to the poor section of Yemeni society.
The rule of law is never implemented the judicial system is corrupt. Court orders issued by Yemeni judges are disobeyed and civil forms are also disobeyed and not implemented by courts.
So how can human beings have a settled life while their basic needs of legal protection are missing, available in the law books of the Yemeni society, but not implemented?
I went to the Yemeni commercial court in Sana'a and I instituted proceedings against my brothers in accordance with the Yemeni company law in accordance with the company law, but to no available.
Instead judges play with our legal easier and the wrong doers are left at large to abuse our human rights and the right to live & work in dignity.
I enclose some papers and legal documents as to how courts in Yemen are reluctant to implement their civil commercial laws.
I have enabled the president complaining that court don't implement the law, copy of which I have handed to your good selves.
I have obtained court orders against my partnerships but nothing materialized from them, which shows how bad and corrupt the Yemeni judicial system is.
And without peace of mind and justice them can be no human rights implemented. They may be written in books or laws, but in reality its non-constant in this fund of Arabia.
I am a British citizen born in Aden and I wish your intervention to publicize my case in your well-read newspaper.
I have property, but its all sequenced by my older brothers who has same political influence in the hierarchy of the government, and you know what political influence means in Yemen.
It means all your human rights are dissolved unless, unless my case is heard through a good newspaper likes yours. I hope you will print my case soonest possible.