Combating terrorism in the Arab world [Archives:2005/821/Opinion]

March 3 2005

Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

The wave of terrorism, in which virtually our own citizens are found involved, has spread across the globe. This is fact that it's the very armed forces combating the terrorists, as a result of which casualties are reported on both sides. Let me make here a little difference between Pakistan and for example Kuwait. In Pakistan our soldiers have been fighting in Wana (South Waziristan Agency) against the terrorist groups led by mostly our own people specially Abdullah Masud and his co. What I mean to say is, did our Interior or Defense Ministers have ever bothered to visit the hospitals to see the injured soldiers?

While on the contrary, during the last few deadly incidents, one even occurred Sunday morning, between the anti-state elements and Kuwaiti police backed by military, claiming around 3 lives. Those security men who were killed were condoled and deeply sympathised with by the ruling family and the government, and those got hospitalised were properly enquired after by the Interior Minister. I feel that is what infuses a young soldier with new life and spirit to keep fighting off the anti-state elements till his lost drop of blood.

Thus I have a question for the concerned ministry of Pakistan. Did they ever bother to spare a few moments out of their busy schedules in order to visit the hospitalized soldiers or policemen? In my view their such a apathetic attitude creates nothing but a sense of deprivation making them [hospitalized soldiers] feel as if they were orphans.

When we could not rectify these old and ancient customs and traditions prevailed since British rule, then what to say about Pakistan which is officially known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan but ironically, internally it is the host of the ancient rules, traditions and customs inherited from our political forefathers [British].

In fact, British entered the Sub-Continent on the pretext of expanding business relationships under the so-called company [East India Company] while America came to South Asia in the name of uprooting terrorism.

On another subject, The US widely circulated magazine 'Times' in its latest issue ran some stories on Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistan's renowned Scientist, declaring him as 'The Merchant of Menace'. Through your esteemed newspaper, let me make it clear to the editorial board of the magazine that sorry we cannot be fooled anymore by such kind of distorted and highly exaggerated stories, articles, columns and editorials. I sure as hell ask as to why the magazine failed to pose Arial Sharon as 'The Butcher of Menace' who killed and still killing brazenly thousands of innocent Palestinians, who have been fighting off against the aggression of Jewish forces and why it failed again to expose the worst inefficiency of CIA over the failure of not finding of Iraqi WMDs? Who the hell says that Western press is free? At least, I don't see the so-called libety and freedom in their press nor in much talked democracy.

We are Muslim and we have a firm faith and belief in Almighty Allah's saying 'Wa toghizzo mann tashaao wa tozillo mann tashaao' that it's only Allah Almighty Who grants distinction and humiliation to a man. Neither American government nor its Jewish lobby press can ever harm Khan's reputation, no matter, they publish as many stuff as they can. All I would say is that He was/is/will always be our national hero, no matter, what he did.

It is Uncle Sam's old habit that he always does totally contrary to what he usually says. For instance, he says he won't attack Iran, it doesn't mean he won't but he will. Let me give a reference to the recent remarks made by the US Foreign Secretary of State, Rice, who says, “Iran is not on US agenda” clearly implies US is set to strike Iran sooner or later. On the other hand, Iran has once again expressed its consent to allow the so-called watchdog IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to inspect the existence of controversial and suspected nuclear arsenals.

None of us is certain whether or not the second round of the inspection will satisfy Uncle Sam; but to be frank, my sixth sense tells me that something is wrong with what the newly appointed foreign secretary of States has remarked during her recent visit to Berlin. Meanwhile, Pakistan is said to have emphasised Iran to strike some deal through backdoor channel. But what if Iran questions Pakistan for possession of the same arms.