Concerns and expectations [Archives:2007/1112/Opinion]

December 17 2007

Essam Hussein Al-Matari
The Islamic and Arab nations are encountering a series of conspiracies and challenges at different levels and aspects of life. Now, these nations have become face to face with strong challenges amid the current changes and developments in the new world system, which was announced in 1990 in the wake of the preceding system's fall. The old system was characterized by political balance and equation following the split of socialism.

The previous system, known for its balance and the two polar powers governing the whole world, had been playing a great political role in supporting the Islamic and Arab nations. The Arab and Islamic states were a source of attraction for the two superpowers in the world, which turned to include these small states in any power or coalition they form.

The United States of America, for instance, supported the Islamist groups in Afghanistan in the fight against the communist and socialist presence in Moscow and reached commendable success in this respect. Today, this superpower is fighting the Afghan Muslims and occupying their lands because the Islamic country's interest appeared to contradict the American interest and presence in the region, as well as in the entire world.

We put the blame on the Arab and Islamic media in different countries, be they official, private or partisan newspapers, because they don't truly express the concerns and expectations of the Arab and Islamic System under the shadow of the larger world system that emerged recently. The Arab and Islamic media means turned to pelt each other with slanders and charges, thus losing their objectives and goals during the current standoff.

Now, we are facing a fierce war against the Arab and Islamic presence, excluding nobody. It is the war of teeth that destroyed all that is green and dry in the Muslim nations and communities, and in the meantime, the Islamic giant become submissive to the western plans and strategies without employing even the peaceful struggle as a way to achieve its sought objective and goal. Also, the submissive giant backs neither jihad, militancy nor resistance in its occupied land to restore even some of its legitimate rights, stipulated by international conventions and upheld by comprehensive peace negotiations.

The Arab and Islamic media demonstrated a negative attitude toward the domestic issues in their nations and helped caused fragmentations, splits and conflicts between Muslims in favor of their Zionist enemies who did what they wanted to serve their interests. And, judicious people in the Arab and Islamic states are extremely engaged in disputes and differences over personal interests, letting only a narrow margin in the press for the freedoms and rights of Muslims.

We don't know how to get rid of the Zionist conspiracies, not less dangerous than a malignant tumor, that infected the Arab and Islamic nations, which, at the same time, are suffering from political congestions, economic recession and poor education systems. Having a glance at the deteriorating situations in the Arab and Islamic lands, one can find that the western conspiracies made the mud moister.

What we want is a unified Arab and Islamic media to rigidly resist any western conspiracies and challenges against their nations, specially as media is known to contribute much to modifying behavior of the youth and the younger generations as well. We expect these media to understand well the concerns and problems of the Arab and Islamic citizens and work harder and harder on the different social, political, economic and cultural spheres in the Muslim communities.

Source: Al-Thawra State-Run Daily