Conspiracy against unity, democracy and Mr. President [Archives:2007/1101/Opinion]

November 8 2007

By: Mohammed Qasem Nu'man
On several occasions, I said that there are malicious elements, who conspire against the ruling regime, unity and democracy, and target Mr. President. Of course, these elements don't belong to the opposition, but they are influential persons in the regime. Below are some of the events in evidence of what I say such as practices that followed 1994 Civil War. These practices brought aforth many of those interested in personal gains and interests.

They were opposing the national unity, but after the war they turned to behave as unionists or unity proponents as they realized that by doing so, they can maintain their interests and get new ones. In order to protect their interests and maintain them, they found no means other than allegedly defending unity in lip service while in fact they defend their own interests.

Frankly speaking, these elements are the real enemies of unity, and they are the ones who paid harm to the national unity and damaged its national, human and democratic project. This is why we usually find them holding influential positions at different civil, military and security institutions of the government.

Also, these people are the ones who insist on continuity of the wrong policies produced by the 1994 Civil War and consider their results as the best means for them to maintain their interests. Via such wrong policies, they could become wealthy and build luxurious villas, palaces and tall buildings, plus trade projects and opening accounts at different local and international banks. Obviously, these opportunists reject any serious steps to tackle consequences of 1994 Civil War, take unity and democracy to their true course. They oppose any comprehensive reforms aimed at building the new state of unity and democracy.

These opportunists are the ones who plundered lands, dominated public property and insisted on suspending civil and military staff and from work and depriving them of the right to be reinstated in order contribute to national development in conformity with the President's Amnesty.

It is these people who helped widen the social gap and discrimination between Yemeni people, which 1994 Civil War left behind, through their wrong policies and practices. They converted the unity into a process of affiliating the South to the North by employing a wrong political approach, the wrong and negative results of which are manifested by the current public rage. Citizens in the southern governorates, even those who declared their alignment with President Ali Abdullah during the Civil War in 1994, could no longer tolerate such wrong practices and policies.

Since the emergence of trends to fight corruption and promote democracy, which were backed by President Saleh's political platform and the comprehensive reform program, the society has been awaiting tough measures to transfer the first batch of corrupt officials to public prosecution.

Regretfully, the opportunists changed the comprehensive reform program into a small project for protecting their personal interests and maintaining their influence and dominance over the wealth they reaped from corruption.

The opportunists then moved to implement the second part of the plan meant for protecting their individual interests and the illegal wealth they gained. Via this plan, they aim to destroy anything posing threat to their illegal wealth. Their plan also targeted President of the Republic, who began to displease them through his positive interaction with the call for fighting corruption and corrupt individuals, and carrying out comprehensive political reforms in accordance with his platform.

It is those corrupt officials who opposed President's directives and decisions to address the consequences of 1994 Civil War and conspired against any attempt or effort for a serious dialogue between both partners of the national unity (General People Congress and Yemen Socialist Party). Facing any sort of criticism for exercising corruption, these corrupt individuals responded with threats to damage the national unity and defect from the regime.