Controversy over Hamas-Fatah agreement [Archives:2008/1141/Opinion]

March 27 2008

By:Yaniv Berman
The Media Line

After a long weekend of discussions and crises between delegations from Hamas and Fatah, the two parties have signed the 'Sana Announcement, calling to resume their dialogue. Only few hours passed, however, before it was revealed that the agreement might be void of substance, due to internal conflicts within Fatah itself.

The 'Sana Announcement called to resume dialogue on the basis of the Yemeni initiative, according to which the situation should return to the Gaza of last June, before Hamas took over the Gaza Strip. Immediately after the announcement, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud 'Abbas' office issued a statement that effectively annulled the 'Sana declaration.

“While the Palestinian leadership expresses its appreciation for these efforts