Coordination of anti-Zionist efforts [Archives:2003/665/Opinion]

September 4 2003

It is obvious that as the struggle against a formidable enemy, like the Zionist continues, the Arabs and the other anti Zionist movements throughout the world must join ranks in pointing out to freedom peace loving people throughout the world the dangers that can emanate from this chauvinistic and hate filled establishment that is taking over this world. When one says taking over this world, this is said with the least bit of exaggeration, because this mischievous movement has indeed found niches in most of the international economic and political centers, in one form or another. The most important element in the fight to overcome the high influence that the Zionist establishment has gained in the international press and media fields. This can only be done through a concrete joint effort by all those involved, including Palestinian, Arab, European and even American people, who have surely not failed to detect the ominous dangers of the Zionist establishment taking over all aspects of their lives.
There will be many people who will be surprised to learn that the Zionist movement is not only challenged by its direct victims in the Middle East, namely the Palestinians and other Arabs who reside in the Holy Land. In fact there are many anti – Zionist Jews, who find in Zionism a great deviation from acceptable religious belief, including the belief that God would be willing to accept an injustice on one people to fulfill His promise for another. There are many people who are also anti-Zionist, who hail from Europe, the Untied States and other countries, where those who are promoting Zionist interests have been allowed to substantially influence political and economic directions in these areas beyond the level that would be dictated by population statistics or other demographic indicators.
It is most important to distinguish from what is randomly labeled as “Anti-Semitism” with “Anti-Zionism”. In the former, the Zionists have chosen to label anyone taking any stand against any Zionist associated activities as being an ethnic oriented hate mongering tactic. Nothing is further than the truth. It is Zionism which is clearly a chauvinistic arrogant movement that is clearly based on ethnic claims of superiority “the Chosen people of God”, which long ago has outlived its usefulness, for reasons the chosen people know only too well.
Yet, what needs to be done is to start getting all the international efforts against Zionism take on a combined effort to at least project the true dangers faced by the world, if this movement continues to have events proceed according to designs and wishes of the international Zionist establishment. No doubt such a combined effort will raise a new chord of hate mongering by the Zionist establishment and will insist that a new wave of anti-Semitism has arisen and that neo-Nazis etc. are behind it. But it is imperative that the world realizes that there is indeed an international anti-Zionist movement that is not solely tied to the people of the Middle East.
This observer has noticed many individuals and organizations taking very courageous stands in facing up to the Zionist threats that lurk in their European or American homelands. This is to be highly praised, because the insurmountable odds faced by these challengers to the Zionist strongholds that exist in their midst are huge. The Arab media has surprisingly been the weakest media in portraying the dangers of the international Zionist establishment. Except for Al-Jazeera, moist of the Arab media channels have usually copied or took from other western channels, the materials used in their “investigative” reporting of the “Zionist threat”. It should be noted that that there is really no effort to bring the combined efforts of anti-Zionists in other parts of the world with that of the Arab efforts to confront Zionism. This is a serious mistake, since a lot of these non-Arab anti-Zionists efforts are in areas where the Zionists enjoy their most effective influences and surely these efforts should be encouraged. There is no doubt in the observer's mind that the mischievous cover that Zionism has been hiding under in western countries is bound to be removed and the results of falling into the Zionist syndrome will start to hit the Americans and Europeans in areas that matter the most, in their pockets and the true moral fabric on which modern western society is truly based upon. The Arab media should seek out the international anti-Zionist movement and work towards getting some form of coordination to highlight the eminent dangers of the International Zionist Movement not just to the Arabs, but to the world at large as well.