Damaging consequences of non-coordination [Archives:2004/762/Opinion]

August 9 2004

By Abdulwahab A. Al-Sofi
[email protected]
For Yemen Times

I cannot but wipe my tears and trust that Allah's will be done. Allah will never forgive those officials who toy with our country's wealth. If Allah forgives them, history will not. I am not the only one who notices that brand new asphalted streets are broken to making new sewage networks. A foreign company was contracted by the ministry of planning to dig roads and destroyed the streets. New streets that were asphalted six months ago are being destroyed. Certainly in Hodeidah city and perhaps in other cities. At the beginning of this year 2004, we are as citizens settled at Hodeidah, sensed clear improvements in making asphalted roads. This presaged us welfare and optimism. Unfortunately, this impression was converted into pessimism soon, when many of these new streets were dug up to making sewage channels. They have remembered the sewage channel recently. I think the bad smell of overflowed sewage water may have reminded them. Despite that, donkeys never hate the bad smell of other donkeys. They repair some things at the expense of destroying other things. This is because we have a big ministry called the ministry of development and urban planning. This ministry cannot coordinate with other service sectors. After sewage channels are finished mending, streets, again will be asphalted. Then they will be destroyed for repairing telephone cables. After that the electricity corporation “destroyers” will start digging up the streets next year. It is a closed circle of destruction. I don't know who are the beneficiaries? I am sure there are beneficiaries. Otherwise, why do those responsible keep silent? Are they deaf or blind? I can simply say that they demolish homes and seize native's rights for their advantage. This is actually a policy of drain (exhaustion). The citizens who pay taxes, and should receive services and city improvements are the only losers. How much does it cost to asphalted a short street? The answer is hundreds and thousands if not millions. These amounts surely exhaust the national economy. All of the overt tenders are usually awarded to certain contractors pertaining to governmental officials, who exploit their positions to badly exploit the country's income. Thus, officials ensure their share. The next of kin assaults our country. Consequently, we need sincere loyal and faithful officials. In addition to that, it is a must to fight those corrupt people in our country and replace them as soon as we possibly can. We have to say a big 'no', even if they have a high position in the government. Otherwise, what is the use of democracy? It is our right and we demand it. We should all try to be ideal citizens humanistic in our approach and always working towards developing and strengthening our country not exhausting it.