Dear ruler! It’s time to quit [Archives:2007/1104/Opinion]

November 19 2007

By: Omar Al-Dhabyani
Yemen's political regime is still living a state of a war prisoner under the dominance of skilled media liars, and at the same time priding itself on its backwardness and slumbering mind that can not cope with demands of the 21st century. As happened to Imam Ahmad when he called all the Yemeni people to have their faces covered with tar in order to make sure that people are still backward and can be led blindly, the standing regime exercises relatively similar behaviors in order to shift citizens' attention away from claiming their rights.

What the current regime does nationwide in general and in the southern governorates in particular confirms the discriminative nature of this detestable government, which is for the time being concentrating on extinguishing Revolution of the South and humiliating its heroes after it dismissed them from government jobs and confiscated their lands in favor of notorious officials.

Public rage in South Yemen, which confused the ruler, is a good omen of a great revolution led by the people, who appear to no longer tolerate lies, fools and fake speeches after their income sources have been looted and their children deprived of any access to education. Another problem of great concern in the south is deporting the historic leaders, who were raised in the southern governorates. And despite the regime tries to ornaments its ugliness with some leaders from the south, these leaders are uglier than the regime itself, and it never happened that one day they demonstrated to have political, social or tribal weight.

Those trembling and ill-spirited people are unable to shoulder any responsibility, nor can they stand firmly against any challenges because they accepted to remain as ornamental covers for the regime. At this point, the regime did not know that it puts in its pockets a curse of failure to govern the country through a national unity policy, and in accordance with the criterion of efficiency not loyalty.

Such people have not demonstrated any position for confronting the cycle of catastrophes in the republic, nor are they in a position to purify themselves from the sins they committed. Although, they hold higher positions, we really find that they are merely mummies, which the ruler uses as cheap tools against great national values. Our duty is to denounce the way the regime is splitting the national unity by using force against peaceful protests claiming basic rights of citizens. And, this regime appears to master only the policy of crackdown and oppression.

The regime's style, which is intimidated by peaceful sit-ins, is what threatens the national unity, and is therefore accountable for any subsequent harm to people and their unity. We should make a distinction between those who demonstrate in a peaceful and civilized way and those who confront protestors with live bullets.

Those, who rule us these days, are a mafia band that converted Yemen into a consumables company to suck its wealth while its authentic contributors and shareholders die from hunger. It is now that we have realized that this band employs the policy of starvation and illiteracy for misleading the Yemeni people in order to shift their attention away from their concerns and engage them extremely in search of bread and survival factors.

Also, it is now that we have understood the words of wisdom uttered by the historic leader Jamal Abdunnaser, who said that “No freedom for starving people and no dignity for intimidated people”. Having a cursory glance at this famous saying, it has been made apparent that we can not talk about democracy in an atmosphere of fears and starvation.