Dialogue of unity and democracy [Archives:2008/1170/Opinion]

July 7 2008

Ahmad Abdulmalik Al-Maqrami
The national dialogue, which Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) initiated and made open to all civil forces and organizations, educated elite, scholars, opinion leaders, and political and social dignitaries, is a successful step. It is also a unique initiative that came on the right time and place.

At this point, I mean that judicious people in the ruling General Peoples' Congress (GPC) realize well the country's need for a broad dialogue. They also understand the reality of negative situations on the ground that necessitate dealing with the national affairs with a complete vision, not via a partial vision that only depends on the party's attitude.

The homeland is expecting a courageous attitude on the part of GPC wise figures to positively deal with other political partners' calls for broad dialogue. Only this way can ensure that all the files are placed on the table of discussion and dialogue.

It is against the national interest that some people unearth the hidden reality of dire situations while all the efforts must not concentrate on the composition of Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum (SCER) at the expense of discussing other vital issues on the ground. The critical issues in the country are deeper and farer than the superficial thinking.

Citizens' living conditions continue worsening, and as do healthcare, judicial performance, education and public services while the dossiers of South Yemen and northern Sa'ada governorate are getting more heated.

The hallucinating policy of oppression, crackdown and political trials is the clearest evidence of the political regime's bankruptcy. We recommend that effective dialogue must take place utilizing all the spared efforts of parties involved, their appropriate relations and professional communication channels.

Effective dialogue must take place before it will become impossible for all the political parties involved to dialogue on national crises. Tensions and congestions have escalated until they exceeded the reasonable limit while the communication channels have vanished and relations became tense.

However, we don't want all the parties involved to be coercively taken to dialogue. The invitation for a national dialogue is open for all while presence of other parties, be they political forces, civic society organizations or politicians, is doomed effective to make the dialogue a success. All these parties have great influence on proceedings of the dialogue, and therefore are invited to examine the current situation and predict the anonymous destiny the homeland is progressing toward.

The ruling party is no longer able to reform the nation and help it get rid of the current turmoil as facts on the ground provide substantial evidence of this party's failure to contain any escalating crises in Yemen. In addition, facts on the ground indicate that the national interest necessitates cooperation and solidarity between all parties involved to conduct serious and broad dialogue in order to help rescue Yemen from its currently dire situation.

All JMP member parties, social and political dignitaries and civic community organizations are required to put the account of profit and loss aside and concentrate their efforts on what helps serve Yemen and its future. By doing so, they will eventually realize the political profit that is, for sure, the product of adopting a unique position in favor of Yemen and Yemenis.

An available spirit of responsibility will attract all the political forces, civic society organizations, scholars, educated people, social and political dignitaries to dialogue, and therefore search for the most ideal means for managing the dialogue of unity, democracy and equal citizenship.

Source: Al-Ahali.net