Did Mauritania really need a coup? Only Riyadh knows for sure! [Archives:2008/1181/Opinion]

August 14 2008

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
There we go again! It just seems that the Arabs have the worst misconception about what men in uniform, military or just even those who are on guard duty should really be doing, which has nothing to do with taking the helms of authority in their homelands to satisfy their immature lust for power. In the poorest of the poor countries, the military brass and the security muggers seem to think that they have an open mandate to keep their people under repression and deprivation, while they exercise the worst examples of governance anyone has come up with.

Needless to say, it is not an inescapable secret that what prompted the generals of Mauritania to come wrest their people of their God given and hard won freedom and democracy is that bastion of anti-democratic maturity, were the Bedouins who have been the enemies of all oppressed people in the region from the Atlantic to the Gulf (Persian that is, according to the standard definition of “Gulf””