Disgraceful ‘Anti-Semitism’ accusations [Archives:2003/685/Opinion]

November 13 2003

By Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

This refers to a letter by one Larry Church ‘You’re anti-Semitic and Anti-American’ (The Yemen Times, 9-12 November, 2003). The comments he expressed in the letter are totally against the prestige of country which has snatched all powers from not only the so-called UN, but other states too. I mean he had better use his language in a civilized tone against a paper’s policy.
Don’t go far off, but look at the Western media (both electronic and print) that get to explode on anything else going against America’s will. But despite all that we never wrote any such letters to (what Larry Church did to the Yemen Times) the American media as to why they are exploiting and blackmailing those states which are still saying ‘NO’ to the orders of Uncle Sam.
I always read almost all the newspapers from the region, but to be frank, I find the Yemen Times as very objective and straightforward in journalism. I am convinced that if the paper had written its editorial (what he had objected) in pro-US tone, it would have been lauded now. I take my hat off the Yemen Times, that it duly accommodated his letter though most of the papers always kill letters full of such criticism and hatred.
In regards to Uncle Sam, it is no more a hidden fact that whatever has been going on around the world is just because of her undue involvement and interference. The other day, the American President, George W. Bush while addressing a press conference called upon the Gulf States to try to adopt ‘democracy’.
But let me ask what kind of democracy he has talked of? Western or Islamic? Because we are Muslims and supposed to follow in the footsteps of our holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions commonly known as Khulofaa-e-Raashideen.
Sorry we cannot own the Western democracy which is still immature and its vivid example can be found in the case of the last presidential polls during which the tug-of-war between the two candidates, that’s Mr. Bush and Mr Al-Gore, cannot be ruled out. Just imagine, being so advanced state, the counting of polled votes were finally made with hands instead of using the sophisticated technology.
We don’t erect accusing fingers at what is going on inside US otherwise we are declared as terrorists but it’s okay for US to intrude any country without UN’s proper search and arrest warrant. The examples of Afghanistan and Iraq are before us.
Finally, will Larry Church give me a friendly and satisfactory answers as to why US struck Afghanistan and Iraq? If he fails, then surely I will answer him. So I am waiting for the answer!