Either way, Israel benefits:American intervention or the status quo [Archives:2005/822/Opinion]

March 7 2005

“Why should America lead the world?”, asked Hamoud as he sat going through his history textbook. His mother answered rather unequivocally: “Son, in this world, it is might makes right and since America has enough of an arsenal to wipe out all of mankind and no one can develop a defense against American firepower, so it is.”

The son wasn't satisfied with the answer: “Look mom, if America sets out to destroy all of mankind, won't that include Americans as well, since so many of them are overseas; on the other hand doesn't America need the rest of the world for a lot of the resources and goods the Americans need or consume?”

“Good point, son”, said Amin his father, who was trying to figure out how to run the new sewing machine he just bought his wife, continuing, “America has always been respected as a leading world power, because America has always rescued the world from tyranny and imperial ambitions, especially during World War I and World War II and during the Cold War”.

“Do you think what America is doing in Iraq and the Levant is right? After all, the Americans profess to be upholding freedom and overturning political dictatorships?”, asked Hamoud, not exactly convinced that America should decide what is right for the rest of the world.

The mother answered: “Every bully will tell you that he is choking you for your own good and then when he has you at his mercy, he takes all the money out of your pocket and promises to share the food he buys with you without telling you where you can find him or how to get your share”.

“But Mom, if you browse the internet, you will be surprised to find how many Americans are not convinced that their government is doing the right things and are even demanding that the US leave Iraq alone and to follow a more evenhanded policy with regards to the Middle East”, remarked Hamoud to his mother, while looking at his father, who seems to be puzzled by the directions he was reading.

“What does this mean, 'put the threat through the hole in the hole at the tip of the protruding arching metal at the end of the machine on the side away from you?', asked the father, knowing that his son's English was better than his.

“Dad, the word is 'thread', not 'threat'!” he pointed out as he leaned over to see what his father was reading.

The mother picked up something to help her express how she feels, “Well, let me tell both of you America is a threat to world peace and stability. Look at the ugliness of its adventure in Iraq and look how it lets the Israelis decide how Washington should carry out its policy in the Middle East. I bet you if Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told President George W. Bush to invade Alaska, because there are two Hezbollah agents hiding in an igloo somewhere in the Aleutian Islands, he would not hesitate to declare war on Alaska'.

“Mom, Alaska is already a part of the United States!”, Hamoud updated his mother on the developments near the Artic Circle, “The United States purchased Alaska from the Russians in 1905, after Russia's War with Japan had drained the Czar's Treasury. What a rip-off that was! But you are right, because America succumbs to the Zionists on everything, they are causing America to be isolated even from its allies. Because the Americans are pursuing a policy of 'might makes right', like the Israelis, America's leadership of the world has come under dubious forebodings. It is really sad how the Zionists have more leverage on American politicians than the Arabs have with their oil. I think the Arabs neglected in their public relations efforts in the United States and let the Zionist lobby operate there without any countering efforts to belie the Zionist claims and propaganda about the Middle East problem and to deter the increasing influence on American election results.”

“Well son, what do you propose the Arabs should do to counter the Zionist influence on America?”, asked the father, somewhat amazed how much insight his son has on the American-Arab relations.

“The Arabs first should remove all the excuses that America's using for meddling in our affairs. The Arab regimes have to be far more responsive to the hopes and aspirations of their constituents, rather than manage their governments as it they are personal possessions. If the Americans realized that our governments' positions are the reflections of the people's wishes, then even the Zionist lobby couldn't influence American opinion so easily. I am not talking about just the Arab-Israeli dispute, but the whole sphere of public affairs. Most Arab governments achieve poor scores on running government institutions in a modern framework that insures accountability and transparency and allows for greater empowerment of the people in directing the resources of their respective countries. In fact, most Arab regimes are no more than closed circles of intertwining interests that ensure that the outcomes of government activities serve the small minority of people behind those interests, while the majority of the populations struggle to try to get anything done or obtain the most basic of services. This breeds discontent and even disloyalty if allowed to go on almost indefinitely, which seems to be the prevailing case in most Arab states. We do not want the Americans to dictate to us how to govern ourselves. But then again, most Arabs are sick and tired of their governments' incompetence in managing the most simple of government tasks. Some regimes have almost confined their activities to security operations that help to preserve the ugly status quo, which these regimes have implanted without giving attention to any other facets of governance.”

His mother cut in: “I can't understand how the people behind these retarded Arab regimes forget that American intervention would end up not only troubling for the population but for these regimes as well, as we saw in Iraq. Furthermore, American intervention opens the doors of the country to all the wild forces of chaos and anarchy to come in and unleash their madness, with the country then turning out even worse than they were under the old “tyrannical” regimes. The end result is that Israel has a field day in Palestine to do whatever it likes, with the rest of the Arabs pathetically helpless to do anything that will make Tel Aviv think twice about oppressing our kin in Palestine, whether under American occupation or under the status quo.”