Election results should not be a result of pressure:Why not have true democracy? [Archives:2003/633/Opinion]

April 27 2003

By Maria Ahmed
As a Yemeni, I watched with great care the parliament elections that took place on 27/4/2003 and I wonder why can't we be like other democratic countries in this world? Why is democracy in Yemen upside down? Why is the ruling party (GPC) taking advantage of poverty suffered by the majority of the Yemeni people so as to force them to vote for it? Why do some principals of public schools threaten secondary students of being failed or suspended if they don't vote for the GPC? Why are soldiers and government employees being threatened that they will not get their salaries unless they vote for the GPC? Why are voting ballots taken away from by force or bought in for exchange of little money offered by the GPC? Why is Yemen foreseen as the second US target after Iraq if people don't vote for the GPC?
Is this true democracy?
I call all Yemeni people to open their eyes and see what's going on around the world and not believe the nonsense about threats and pressure. Yemenis should only vote for those whom they believe would represent them best in the upcoming parliament. They need to choose the right men/women who will do what is best for Yemen and its people.