Ethiopia debateInsulting ‘Abyssinia’article expected [Archives:2004/755/Opinion]

July 15 2004

By Abex Maryland
[email protected]

The comment and article by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis on 'Abyssinia' does not surprise me. Many people scholars or regular from this part of the world are consistent with this kind demonizing comments about Ethiopia.
You would like to see Ethiopia to go through the path once Egypt had passed. To intensify ethnic cleansing and religious bigotry among Ethiopians, then you do your best to intensify the conflict by helping your favorites the Moslems to wipe out the Christians. The end result you would like to see is, the Moslem Ethiopians if possible eradicating all or limiting the number of Christians in Ethiopia to the extent they are irrelevant in the countries future as your ancestors did it in Egypt.
Unfortunately, this did not work even for the government currently in power, you can then imagine how hard it can for those instigating from outside like you. I have seen your previous article and look like you have hidden agenda. Believe it or not most of us still consider our self as Ethiopian and Moslem/ Christian when we were born.
We have shown that for many years before, even at a time the government was openly favoring one religion over the other one. It is not because one likes to be dominated by another, but it is worthwhile to wait the right time rather than fighting a fight with no end to it. Even if we are poor (until we get what you have gotten across the sea) we are civil and proud. We have showed that to the world by going to our daily living many days if not months without government. If we were not civil, you should see at least few percentage of what happened in other countries when they had no government. We can easily organize to fight outside intruders than against each other (ask Italians, the Mehadis, Egyptians and off course the Yemenis).
This is what we are and no body and no propaganda would change it. Do not waste to split Ethiopia along religious line, it is impossible!! Once we are far from home, we look for Ethiopian (including willing Eritrean) despite his/her religion (religion does not even part of the equation). If not Ethiopian, then off course, we look to our neighboring brothers, Somali, Sudanese, Kenyan and Etc., then to the rest of Africa. We really cross Red Sea to seek friends once we are outside our country, because we never had a true friend from that part of the world in the last thousands of years. This is the fact on the ground; even your articles justify that.