Even the Atlantic Monthly distorts the truth [Archives:2003/682/Opinion]

October 30 2003

It is not enough that Zionist propaganda has distorted history, distorted reality and fiddled around with human emotions just to try to make a palatable case for the evil schemes of Zionist idealists. Zionist propaganda will also work diligently to even belie what our eyes see and what billions of people have seen just to ensure that the records would be “adjusted” to the truth that will only serve Zionist goals. Many readers will no doubt recall the tragic death of the 12-years old Palestinian boy, Mohammed Al-Durra, who unmistakably was killed in cold blood by Zionist bullets on that fateful day, literally on the Second Day of the Second Intifadha, which began right after the unholy walk of not-yet-then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. But the Atlantic Monthly, in this month’s issue is still unsure as to who the killers of this poor innocent Palestinian as a wobble of Israeli bullets were bombarding him and his helpless father on that fateful day of September 30, 2000. In fact, they sent someone, who was never there at the time to “investigate” the matter, even after the Israelis themselves have admitted and said they “were sorry” it had to happen. In 10 pages of pure blab, Mr. James Fallows, who was not there at the time, tries to convince us how the whole affair transpired second by second, in a clearly obvious deliberate attempt to make a fallacy of all the facts (which he incidentally does take note of, but all the time coming out with his own conclusions, as replacements for all these facts!). In fact he went on to try to convince us that the whole thing was a deliberate attempt of exploitation by the “Palestinians” and that the father’s statements were not worthy of any sympathetic ears, although the latter was wounded by the same wobble of Israeli gunfire, as he tried painstakingly to save his son from the rush of bullets coming at them.
Yes, ten pages of unadulterated BS was spared in the prestigious Atlantic Monthly, all with a view towards ascertaining that nothing in history should ever condone the menacing Zionist regime in Tel Aviv. Mr. Fallows wants the whole world to believe that the death of Mohammed Al-Durra is no more than Islamic exaggerated emotions, to sum up his whole dissertation of hogwash. Yet he goes on to quote the indefatigable Dr. Hanan ‘Ashrawi as saying that the “early report by the Israelis is “a falsified version of reality that [blames] the victims”, without noting that Ms ‘Ashrawi is a bona fide Christian of good standing. Although a lot of talk has been made of cross-fire, it was actually admitted by the Israeli Head of Operations then, General Gora Eiland, that there was not any exchange of gunfire at the scene, when he said to an Israeli Radio broadcast, that the boy was apparently (the author said apparently) killed by “Israeli army fire at the Palestinians, who were attacking them violently with a great many petrol bombs (molotovs), rocks and very massive fire”. We are not sure what “very massive fire is”, but, Mr. Fallows wants us to believe that the whole Durra affair is no more than a staged propaganda scheme of the Palestinians, event though there were hundreds of reporters on the scene and the footage could say nothing more than show us that the victims (father and son) were facing fire coming from the Israeli side and any other suggestions beyond that are clearly devious in intentions and a deviation from the truth. And by whom, by someone who has become a ballistics expert who can turn Israeli gunfire into Palestinian bullets by magic.
We really hoped that the Atlantic Monthly could have better taste than to try to whitewash Zionist crimes in the Holy Land, and waste everybody’s time and effort to belie the truth as billions saw it throughout the world.
Of course the Zionist lobby work diligently to have Mr. Fallows bring his point across in the CNN program INSIGHT, hosted by Jonathan Mann, who obviously was not convinced by Fallows’ arguments, as his facial expressions seemed to indicate.
One is reminded of a similar effort (get this, How to Talk About Israel) once shown in the September 1 edition of the New York Times Magazine, by someone who is said to be an expert on Japan, (Mr. Ian Burma, who tries to undermine the increasing American opposition to the obvious Zionist control of American foreign policy, to say the least. In that instance, a long article was given to try to show that there was really no basis for asserting that Zionists control American foreign policy in the Middle East, but again the eight page long article ( Font 11 pt), there is a lot of twisting and turning of the fact, not to mention a number of insults here and there against important dignitaries, from Japan to Washington, all of whom Mr. Burma sees as small folk compared to his very own awesome intellect. This is the kind of work that is really the inkling of how Zionist propaganda is hard at work making sure that only what is favorable to Israel or the Zionist cause is given prominent coverage, even in such nonsensical and absurd articles or reports as those of Barrows and Burma, and the many more that are written by fictitious names that harbor more hatred and more antagonism to anything that is not within the propaganda guidelines of the international Zionist establishment. Americans should read such hogwash with the extreme of caution, no matter how innocent the efforts are portrayed. They are not individual efforts, but part of a well planned and well organized, but heartless devious effort to shape public opinion in the wrong direction.