Existence on a culture of hate 2/2After 60 years, Bush reminds us of the “White Man’s Burden” [Archives:2008/1165/Opinion]

June 19 2008

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!” This is said after reading some of the obviously disdainful “feedback” one is getting in response to last month's and the many weeks before articles by this observer in defense of the rights of the Palestinians, which the world seems to have forgotten as also being God given. But in the Zionist hate filled culture the world has been engrained with over the last hundred years, God is only kind to the “nation of Israel” and God is willing to go out of His way to allowing injustice and suffering for the sake of “Israel” to have it its way. What a farce and God would certainly admonish anyone for twisting the sense of justice He truly envisions for the world. The quote of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is also being stated here to remind Mr. George W. Bush that his bellicose threats and remarks, while enjoying the hospitality of the very people he is insulting beyond belief are not at all taken very graciously in the Middle East in particular and in the entire Moslem World at large. loads

This attitude of Mr. Bush (and the of needless to say organized and systematic “feedback”) is rather a strong reflection of the culture of hatred upon which the International Zionist culture has grown to thrive on and to perpetuate as part of “western” culture and the attitude of the “free world”. What free world is it that if anyone so much as criticizes the wrongdoings of the Zionist hooligans administering the “occupied territories” (one would be chastised if they said “Palestinian territories”), they would be labeled the worst kind of names and their employers would be the target of the “anti-Semitism” booby that hovers over the western world like the cyclone that hovered over Burma (Myanmar) over a month ago. Needless to say that even that euphemism has been also used as a gross misrepresentation of the intended victims, who are truly facing the real “anti-Semiticism” that is being witnessed in the world, namely the systematic, psychological and physical annihilation of the Palestinians being unleashed by the IZE and the rhetoric of hatred, chauvinistic arrogance bellowed out by Mr. Bush in the Israeli Knesset (built on stolen Arab Land, mind you) last month and under the hospitable yet scornful embrace of the Egyptian people (if not the regime) in Sharm Al-Sheikh.

If anybody is in doubt about the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere in the world, just read all the testimony given by people like Jennifer Lowenstein, former US President James Carter, to whom the Zionists should actually be thankful for having removed Egypt completely from the Arab-Israeli conflict (at least for a while), Patrick Seale and even Uri Avnery (who once wrote “Israel Without Zionism)” and the many others who have cited the horrors of living under the worst “occupation” regime of all times past and present (see Common Sense, Yemen Times Issue 1155).

Mr. Bush last month came to this region, apparently to campaign for his “heir apparent” and to insult the candidates that may be having different attitudes than that conveyed by the hate mongering right wing of the United States represented by the likes of Radio commentators, such as Bill Cunningham (who insists that America should be aware of Barak Obama's middle name of “Hussein”). Mr. Bush should be reminded that common courtesy would dictate that he should keep his rhetoric of hatred for his redneck friends, who may have descended from a similar culture of hatred that did away with tens of Indian nations and tribes well over a century ago. If anyone cares to remember, the “Red” Indians which were considered the indigenous population of a beautiful continent that had the best relationship with nature before the “white man's burden” unleashed its culture of destruction, waste and pilferage as well as reckless consumption, which brought havoc to the US and the world and destroyed all sense of ecological equilibrium, which God has endowed this planet with for thousands of millennia.

Needless to say, Mr. Bush was then insisting that the America he was projecting to his guests in the Arab World was the America for all times to come and any illusions for “change” are simply that – mirages in the distance. That is how the IZE sees it and that is how the American right wing intends to deliver it. The people in this part of the world are not surprised by the hatred unleashed by the IZE and its various hate dissemination mechanisms, including the “feedback” senders (in their Western and Arab names). But certainly they expected better manners from Mr. Bush, at least while he was their guest.

Divided We Fall

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of Yemeni unity last May, the regime is to be reminded that it is time to start translating Yemen's unity into the sense of brotherhood and affinity that the spirit of unification once rejuvenated in the hearts of all the Yemeni people, although regrettably short-lived! Stop the madness in Sa'ada, and which is now spreading elsewhere in the land, with the security and military organs having the time of their day against the helpless citizens of the “Unified” Republic of Yemen, Sunni and Zeidi. The inability of these organs to decisively achieve a military solution has clearly been tested beyond reasonable doubt. Give peace a real chance to restore some semblance of stability in the lives of the citizens of Yemen, whose endurance has been over tested beyond reasonable logic.

Originally written for the YT Issue of 22 May 2008, with minor changes added.

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.