Feelings at the ntensive Care Unit [Archives:2007/1070/Opinion]

July 23 2007

Dr. Yahya Ali Al-Hureibi
As I was on the way home on July 2 after full night prayer, I received a call from Al-Thawra General Hospital that I had to go to the hospital immediately due to an incident necessitating my presence. Other medical staff was requested to come to the hospital at the same time to work along with the staff on duty. I directly went to the hospital and prior to my arrival, the on duty staff contacted the hospital manager, Dr. Ahmad Al-Ansi, and his deputy Dr. Ahmad Hajar. I was informed of the ugly incident that targeted the innocent Spanish tourists in Marib governorate.

I got confused by the news, as I could not get a single motive behind the terrorist attack, nor could I explore a justification for launching such criminal offensives against the innocent Europeans. By Allah, I felt unable to find a suitable term for such barbaric assault.

Any way, upon my arrival to the hospital, the medical staff were extremely busy in the presence of the Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Abdulkarim Rase' and many members of the Spanish diplomatic mission in Sana'a.

The injured case came while we were extremely ready to provide emergency treatment to the cases. Fast diagnoses were made for all the cases after our colleagues in Marib Hospital provided emergency treatment to the injured there. In the presence of the Minister of Health and Population, the hospital manager and emergency doctors, surgeons, anesthetists, and laboratory specialists, the scene seemed to be similar to a beehive, as each was performing his duty in an organized manner.

After diagnoses by ex-rays and laboratories, the victims were rushed to the operation rooms at the same time as all the surgeons, their assistants, and other medical staff were on full alert and ready to receive the cases. All the staff announced to start the necessary operations for the injured cases. Praise be to Allah, all the medical supplies were available, as the supply officials proved to play a human role in treating the wounded tourists. I am indebted to the hospital's administration for providing all the needs for the medical staff in and outside the operation rooms to do their job in a better way.

While treating the innocent tourists, who were injured or killed in the incident, we turned to ask ourselves: “Why did this happen? Why did this happen? Why did this happen?” We were very sad when we heard one of the victims moaning: “Why did this happen to us? We heard something good about Yemen and Yemenis, which is why we prefer to visit the country and know about its nature and the hospitable people who received us warmly.”

As doctors, we were confused to reply to her words. “Consider us part of your families, we highly regard you and what the terrorist group did will never affect the qualities of Yemeni people” was the only response we gave to her words. Thanks to Allah, the operations for the cases were started at the same time and ended at more or less the same time; however, their injuries differed from case to another. The victims were transferred to the special ward in the presence of the Minister of Health and the hospital manger, as well as some members of the Spanish diplomatic mission in Sana'a. From the first day until 4:30 a.m. of the second, no one of these respected personalities left the hospital. Also, the medical staff, who were conducting operations and providing treatment, never felt tired or weary. What we did for the injured cases was successful. We expressed our condolences to members of the diplomatic mission over the deaths that couldn't survive the terrorist attack.

The Spanish medical team, who came to transfer their compatriots to their country, conveyed a good impression about the role we played and the service we offered for the victims. They praised our performance and did nothing other than what we did. For my part, I would express my deep gratitude to the Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Abdulkarim Rase' for his presence with us since the very beginning and until the operations ended in the second day. I deeply thank him and the hospital manager Dr. Ahmad Al-Ansi for facilitating availability of the needed supply and equipment for treating the innocent victims.

I say to the terrorist group, who launched such offensive, that they will be severally punished for what they committed. I wish for the tourists, who arrived in Yemen on the same day, but were in a tourist trip to Hadramout, happy life and fascinating journey. I thank them for their insistence to continue their tourist program in Yemen irrespective of what had happened.

Dr. Yahya Ali Al-Hureibi is the Head of Anesthesia Department and Intensive Care Unit at Al-Thawra General Hospital, Sana'a

Source: Al-Al-Thawra Daily.