Financial donations can pay social debt [Archives:2006/1005/Opinion]

December 7 2006

To implement the dues of the president's program of reforms they need to know the meaning of administrative and financial reforms.

Is there a financial and administrative disorder to correct? What are the causes of disorder? Are they attributed to old financial and administrative laws? Or is it because of those who are in charge of finance and administration? The question is whether they do not evaluate the meaning of property or understand administration or maybe they know, but do not do it? So what way should we follow for achieving reform? Is it the human who possesses scientific and objective qualifications? When we talk about the process of financial and administrative reform is it a new vision taking into consideration the relative development effected by the presidential and local elections and observing the relative change in administration happens at the level of the country and application in the world? We wonder if we are able to surpass the traditional obstacles against reforms. How can we offer the alternative with the existence of complications hitting the social depth? We may also ask if the financial and administrative reform is a political decision or maybe an integrated system supported with the political decision. Can we utilize the elections and success in the donor conference as a major help in the process of change and the rotation of public service through selection and appointment of the capable ones and the talented or leave them to miss excellent opportunities for the targeted reform?

So many questions the citizen must put forward and, in my capacity as expert in administration development, I agree with him. The citizen thinks it is time to join forces to go ahead on the road of new Yemen, the Yemen of modernization and the state of order and law.

The democratic event that our country has recently accomplished has attracted the attention of the world and made a development movement in a dangerous area and the world economy takes it into account.

The world also looks at that event as a significant standard for change in this region. The world looks at what happens in Yemen in a different way from how Yemenis look at and no doubt the outside look is more spacious, more explanatory as well as more calculating.

However the local and outside look proves a change happened with regard to the level of social awareness in Yemen and has become more logical with an understanding of possibilities for the future. It means Yemen is determined to create reform and change.

Yemen, despite many circumstances is capable of surmounting the difficulties and it has already overcome more difficult circumstances in the past. The events have proved the sincerity of Yemeni intentions and its love for stability.

Political leadership has managed to convey a message to the people that the financial and administrative reform is actually directed to the interest of the Yemeni people for the development of the Yemeni human. The time has come to work with the leader for the implementation of his promises, which are a debt to be paid after Yemen has scored victory and the crises and difficulties have gone.

Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Tarb is an economist and a professor in Political Science. He is the head of the Arab Group for Investment and Development