For God’s sakeIt is not a matter of Saddam [Archives:2003/632/Opinion]

April 21 2003

By Yazan Al-Saghiry
[email protected]

“To be or not to be, that is the question” )Hamlet
This famous soliloquy of Prince Hamlet tells us truly and frankly what we are up to!
Hamlet was trying his best to explain-at least to himself- his dilemma of Treachery and Revenge. In fact, the astounding thing about William Shakespeare is generalizing very shallow manner to an international concept of the basic goal of mankind life, which is 'The Existence'.
Yes, it is our existence in the fire range of the western cowboys. The USA, so called, victory in Iraq will give it a 'new access card to go through other restricted areas 'so called' Arab and Islamic independent countries of the miserable Middle East!
While I was watching the TV 'cheerleaders' dancing on the sounds of B52 smart bombs, holding the photos of American and British POWs, a very fearful idea came to my mind about the unknown, if we didn't refer to it as 'not existed' future. As we all know, the only Arab feature that remained from our great history is ' considering'. Now, if that went away for a tribal revenge or for non-tribal morals, then we are doomed.
It is not a matter of a man or a regime, it is about the old idea of colonialism for the Arab oil and strategic position. A new Sykes-Picot formed, while those ignorant fellows or traitors were cheering and supporting those Vikings. I did not control my tear when I saw that US marine putting the USA flag on the face of status of President Saddam Hussein before he put the old Iraqi flag. And, my sadness was not because of the status, but because of where the status is!
Isn't that a sign? Does it mean anything to us? They said will liberate, what kind of liberation can be found in securing the oil fields and neglecting the rest of the country to be raped and robbed?
As I remember the only declared reason for this war was 'Weapons of Mass Destruction', so why do I see them securing oil fields only?
Oh sorry, I forgot! They are saving Iraqi's wealth for the Iraqis 'only'. As for US companies – especially those, which signed contracts to rebuild Iraq's wealth, Never!
Beside, why all that talk about Syria. If Syria has Chemical weapons, as Bush said, the thing that it is completely not true, it didn't breach any UN resolution, unlike the Zionist state which originally refused to sign the NPT (Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty) as we all know. And still Sharon is a man of peace in Bush's eyes!
So, what does USA want? This is the problem, because no one knows what it wants. But, we do know 'How it wants it'! It is going to be the Bush way of replacing clashes of civilizations with 'death for civilizations and viva USA'. Bush said when he was declaring the wart on Taliban, ' it is the time that everyone should know, either to be with us or against us!'
Sorry to say, you can apply this idea to all US actions since Bush got the Air Force no. one. For him, it is the time to chose between two choices, either to be a Yankee or to be a Yankee's donkey!
Arabs in that concept are divided to many groups. The first one walking along applying the Syrian proverb, “Whoever was married to my mammy I'm going to call him Daddy”, and those are the Yankees!
The other group can be called the waiters for two reasons. One, they wait until the situation is portrayed clearly so they can behave according to their own interests which are firmly related to USA line. Two, and after waiting, they act like real waiters who would serve for cleaning the American bloody dishes after finishing that Arabic fatty meals, and those are the Yankee's Donkeys.
The third group can be called the 'ignorant' or miss leader group. It includes those who are blinded by their lively temporary rancor of a brother disappeared in jail or a son killed because of his opposition. Those, and only those, can be excused. On the other hand there must be a way to show them the real danger of those 'liberators', and to tell them the fact that it is not a matter of Saddam's regime, but it is about regimes, people and the whole Arab area.
The last and huge group is us! We were born repeating the great legends of heroic Arab actions, remembering a history we created by justice and care, and not on the aches of Real Red Blood of Red Indians.
They told us in schools that Al-Jihad must be done to satisfy Allah. They told us also that cowardice is a very shameful thing. Even if we were weak and unarmed, we have to fight and die with honor rather than living in humiliation. These are us.
Syrian former president Hafez Al-Assad said in his war speech in 1973 “We are not so fond of killing and destroying, but we are defending ourselves from this killing and that destroying!” And that is what we want at least for now. We have to defend ourselves. Those thousands of Iraqi and Arab fighters paved the way to us with their own sacred blood in order to restore our ' lost' pride and honor.
In 1991, President Ali Abdullah Saleh commented by using the Shakespearean thought of Existence, saying:
'Now, it is not a matter of ' to be or not to be', but we have to say, in complete honesty,
It is the time to be! Isn't it?