For more than one reason [Archives:2003/639/Opinion]

June 5 2003

Nadia Al-Saqqaf

There are many reasons why there should be progress in life, one of which is the continuity and clarity of life itself. There's a saying that goes: “If water stands motionless in a pool it grows stale and muddy, but when it moves and flows it becomes clear: so, too, man in his wanderings”.
Throughout the years, the Yemen Times to its family has been more than an establishment or a source of income. It started as a challenge, a project that needed to be seen to life. A mission that was to be accomplished, and with time, it became an inseparable part of our lives. Like a member of the family that remains a part of us even if not there. A member that grows just like we do, a being that goes through up and down phases of life just like we go.
And today, as we celebrate the birth of the Thursday edition of the Yemen Times, we go through the life span of the paper, this little baby that was born in the hands of its founder Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf nourished and grew in the hands of so many well-wishers today we stand to salute the will, determination, principals and wisdom of the founder who made this beautiful being come true.
For more than one reason the Yemen Times goes from strength to strength, not just for us; the Yemen Times family. Not just for the Yemeni people and all the YT readers world wide. Not just for the country and the generations to come. But also to continue carrying the legacy that was handed to us, to give tribute to the one who was the hero of our lives, and the hero of this institution; this is for you Dr. Saqqaf, I hope that somehow you get to know what your is being done in your name. You planted a seed that is destined to reach the sky