For oil, Iraq set aflame and Americans die [Archives:2007/1094/Opinion]

October 15 2007

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh
This is the slogan of new conservatives in Washington. Hundreds of thousands are killed or injured while the terrible sound of the war cannot arouse any clear conscience on the part of those who are dreaming of controlling oil blocks in Iraq. They also have dreams to gain billions of dollars stained with blood from the oil blocks existing around the war-ravaged country.

For the gang of new conservatives, it is very clear that the life of human beings – be they Arabs, Americans, Muslims or Christians – has no meaning or means nothing. This is the behavior of war tradesmen every time and everywhere. If life of human beings had had a meaning on the part of these conservatives, wars would have stopped in the early weeks of their breakout or would have never erupted.

It is very evident that oil, specifically the Iraqi oil, is not prevented from being exported to the United States of America, nor is it being monopolized by a certain rival. Instead, oil has been merchandized in markets with reasonable prices, but the new conservatives don't like to buy oil. They have a strong desire to dominate oil, control oil blocks and monopolize oil markets.

This is the real motive behind the U.S. occupation of other countries, particularly the oil-rich ones. The Americans unveiled the hidden facts by declaring that they will remain occupying the Arab country as long as there is much oil. Peoples and rulers in the region should have realized and understood risks of the American occupation at the short and long terms. They are recommended to secretly prepare themselves in order to confront the dangerous occupation and any long stay of foreign troops in any Arab country, which is an indispensable organ of the Arab body.

Following the US-led invasion of Iraq, the country has become merely an extra burden on the unorganized Arab nations and the Arab League, which did nothing before or after the US-led invasion of the Arab country. In the coming days, this league will do nothing for the sake of the occupied Arab land or any other Arab states, which it claims to protect.

Blood for oil is a dangerous and inhuman equation. It is an immoral crime against both the Iraqi and American peoples. Irrespective of the high interests tradesmen of such terrible wars are earning, the historic curse, which the barbaric tradesmen caused on the United States, will remain bothering them forever. Insistence on annihilating peoples for the sake of controlling and dominating oil blocks is one of the unprecedented crimes in history. Those who felt ashamed of what happened in Vietnam cannot now find the appropriate formula to express their deep shame and concern over what is being committed in Iraq.

The one who constantly observes what the American press writes about this terrible crime is bound to find that there is a furious reaction and strong rejection of the daily massacres and incursions the new conservatives commit in Iraq. In addition, these conservatives work on paving the way for fragmentations, divisions and bloody conflicts among factions and sects of the war-torn country, which had been a prominent example of coexistence between different forces and ethics.

The U.S. Occupation has found an available material of historic and long-dated disputes, which have become forgotten in the state of contemporary Iraq. Recently, no attention was paid to these disputes for any reasons since nobody had been willing to react to them. The foreign occupation succeeded only to fuel these disputes based on the faith that they constituted the most successful means for weakening unity of the Iraqi people and depriving them of any access to wealth. Consequently, it has become very easy for the invaders to dominate the oil blocks, control people and crack down on any national resistance. But the real-life situation contradicts the aspirations and dreams of adventurers, who forced the American army into a swamp of blood, thereby adding much more misery to the situation of troops.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh is Yemen's prominent poet and intellectual. He is the director of the Yemeni Center for Studies

Source: Al-Thawra State-run Daily