For sure, they haven’t got a case [Archives:2003/677/Opinion]

October 16 2003

As time rolls on, and life gets shorter for all, we cannot help but notice that all that war mongering prior to the Iraq invasion was not intended to enhance any genuine effort by its sponsors to do any good for either their constituents in the United States, or for the people of the Middle East.
Let us look at the major developments since the President of the Untied States, George W. Bush declared the major battles over last May. We should bear in mind that he did say major battles only, rather than claim that the war was over. It turned out in fact that the major battle was just beginning, and from the very early days of the post war period, it was clear that the real showdown that mattered was just beginning. In the war the US was challenged by an almost incapacitated regime that hardly proved a match for the wholesome and state of the art war machine that the war mongers have set in force to carry out their devious designs for the region. Now the real serious challenge surfaced, as the people of Iraq, with their limited means, came out to express their real disdain for this horrific uncalled for invasion of Iraq. The American forces were now pinned down in a erratic guerrilla war that has up to now taken more lives on the occupiers side that the systematic war effort did. Needless to say, Iraqi civilian casualties are an ominous sign that the peace they were hoping for is nowhere to be seen. This clearly showed that the Iraqis were just unwilling to succumb to the idea that they hailed the American “liberation” effort and in fact defied the American invasion with more resilience than they defied their own oppressive masters, which the American invasion was said to be based on (among many other unclear and unproven reasons).
If we just analyze the trends in this seemingly inconclusive hell that has been implanted for the poor Iraqis, after having gone through so many difficulties that sequentially followed each other, most of which they really had nothing to do with or have any say in its formulation. What we are now actually seeing is that the bloodshed is on the rise and the casualties on both the invaders and the victims of this invasion are increasing. This leads to the conclusion that the American war mongers surely had forgotten that foreign invasions are detested no matter what the motives are behind them and that the only situation that the invader should expect to find is mounting resistance that will go to great lengths to make the occupier’s stay as unpleasant as possible. Moreover, it seems that the opposition is now expanding to include even some of those forces that originally at least held off their grudges against the invasion.
On the other side, the invader has not delivered any of the wonderful results that were declared as the original intentions of the Iraqis; the Iraqis have yet to enjoy the freedom they were promised, since they are still living under martial law and long curfews that hamper their movement and their quests for livelihood. Moreover, their daily lives are now put to the hardest tests of having to live with a services infrastructure that is shattered and not seeing any concerted efforts to bring it back to any level of normalcy. Even if the previous regime can be considered as oppressive, the regime went out of its way to ensuring that the population did not suffer from a failing infrastructure, notwithstanding the severe blockade and embargo of the most essential of the goods for the maintenance of a normal life. Yet the Iraqis must now face dark nights, unhealthy water and other shortcomings that are breeders of even greater discontent against the invasion. On the political front, it is obvious that the Iraqis and the rest of the world are not seeing any genuine efforts to return the political and administrative functions back to its rightful owners. The American Administrator is the functioning runner of the show in Iraq and no one seems to see any semblance of sovereignty in the Temporary Ruling Council, which has yet to display any manifestation of governance or trend towards taking the helms of authority in Iraq.
On another note, the American invasion of Iraq was supposed to be a shining beacon of peace and stability in the region. The violence in the Holy Land does not seem to be disturbed by the “Road Map” to peace or any other genuine efforts by the US to try to end the hostilities. On the contrary, the White House continues its blind support to the Zionist thugs of Ariel Sharon as he carries out his own mischievous agenda for the region. As if Iraq, was not enough, the American war mongers are setting their eyes for an extended destabilization effort towards Syria and Iran, for no substantive reasons other than fulfilling the wishes of the Zionist-evangelical coalition that sees the only basis for its own continuity is an endless era of violence, bloodshed and instability that the Arab and Moslem World must continue to face ad infinitum, just so the Zionist dream can be fulfilled with the least amount of challenge. That is the real story of Iraq and that is the dominating theme in US policy for the region. The trends manifest this so well and the inaction of the Bush Administration towards a more positive policy implicate that we have really nothing to look forward to.