For the Cabinet, good planning means success [Archives:2007/1041/Opinion]

April 12 2007

By: Yasser Al-Mayasi
Yemen is one of the few countries where the cabinet is frequently reshuffled, posts and roles are changed from time to time due to the lack of clear plans that specify goals of the government.

Having a quick glance at the last ten years, we will find that there are multiple cabinets that were changed and replaced, coupled with the appearance of new ministers. Those cabinets faced difficult situations and complicated circumstances leading to the failure of their policies, strategies and plans. There was only a slim success. The cabinet's failed policies left negative impacts on the situations of people and deteriorated their living standards. In the meantime, citizens turn to lose confidence in their government because of their poor living standards.

The economic situation has its own effect on the government plans. The former cabinet formation began to concentrate on attracting investments, aides, and international grants in order to get rid of its dilemmas and crises. In fact, it was an excellent policy as Yemen is one of the poorest countries, which is impossible for it to achieve development without international aides and grants to be exploited in an organized way and not to go to the pockets of corrupt officials.

Last week, the new cabinet formation was announced with some minor changes. The new cabinet announced that it will give a top priority to fighting corruption, maintaining public money and opening new horizons to attract investment.

Also, the new cabinet vowed to improve the economic situation of the country and eradicate unemployment. President Ali Abdullah showed greater support for this government, which he said will start waging a fierce war against corruption and corrupt individuals without any considerations in order to reach success.

As far as I am concerned, the new cabinet has two options, either to assert itself or to fail as there are great challenges standing in its way such as the poor economic situation that poses several barriers to development. The new cabinet is expected to reach success due to the great support it received from President Saleh and the availability of resources, aids and grants. This government can succeed via the transparent work and the good exploitation of resources and financial assistances, which are usually wasted by the random operations and corruption.

In addition, the good planning of international aids and funds, approved at the London Conference last year, is due to help establish huge projects, create job opportunities, fight unemployment, boost development and improve the living standards of people. Only the transparent work and honesty can direct the country to the right path.

Yasser Al-Mayasi is a Yemeni journalist specialized in children and business. [email protected]