For the love of Israel [Archives:2005/864/Opinion]

August 1 2005

The Trial of Sheikh Ali Hassan Al-Moayyad has proven once again that, on top of providing Israel with all the arsenal it demands, allowing Israel to carry out all violations of the international treaties and conventions and even the few resolutions that the UN Security Council managed to pass, without the US veto, etc., etc, the United States is now also the official lynch man for the Zionist state. Originally, starting out as a case of anti-terrorism a la 9/11, the case finally ended up no more than another gratuitous service to Israel, on relatively weak allegations of aiding Hamas. Furthermore the excessive sentence meted to a generally respected religious man in his own country certainly shows that the American courts are even more merciless against the opponents of Israel than it is against convicted spies working on behalf of Israel against the United States. So, in the final analysis, the “war on terror” is now turning out to be no more than a war for and on behalf of Israel. Sheikh Ali Hassan Al-Moayyad is a well known philanthropist and has many deeds that speak kindly of the man. He is not known in this country for ever speaking in support of any terrorism and extremism. If we can assume that he may have solicited support for Hamas or any other organization that is defending whatever is left of the dignity and rights of the Palestinian people, the American Court system would have a backlog of 100 years at best if it had to try all the cases against supporters of the Palestinian resistance against an illegal occupation, which followed the illegal rape of Palestine and the forced uprooting of its indigenous population in 1948. With the Palestinians still being subjected to the worst crimes of systematic ethnic cleansing, violations of human rights and defilement of their human dignity, the United States is the comfortable home of hundreds of pro-Zionist organizations that are working night and day to solicit donations and contributions to the Zionist state. Needless to say, these contributions enjoy all the facilities one can ever think of: They are made in the open and legal. They are tax deductible and they even work against the United States (AIPAC espionage cases n Jonathan Pollard and Larry Franklin). These donations, among other things fund the building of Israeli settlements on land that is not Israeli, uproot olive trees from Palestinian farms, destroy Moslem and Christian cemeteries, bulldoze Palestinian homes and American women, who advocate against injustice and inhumanity (lest we forget the cold blooded murder of Rachel Corrie, God have mercy on her soul, by American Caterpillar Tractors bought with American donations). Yet the solicitors for these donations are prominent social and cultural personalities and they will not be subject to any incriminating trials in Brooklyn or anywhere else in the United States or elsewhere. We shouldn't forget that there were also five Israelis arrested by the FBI right after 9/11, because someone caught them dancing in the street with joy across the Hudson River, just as the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the surrounding buildings were collapsing. This is not fiction, but fact and if you do not believe me check this link ( The Zionist lobby in the US has worked diligently to cover this up with the generous tax deductible donations of American citizens.

Even criminals, who betrayed their country are accorded honor treatment by the United States. This week we heard that the United States is pursuing for pardons for the Lebanese mercenaries that were contracted by Israel to bring death and destruction in Southern Lebanon, after they have succeeded in the release of a killer of a former Lebanese leader. This is how the US wants to fight terrorism in the world. If its for Israel, so let it be. So, Al-Moayyad will get 75 years for doing nothing against the United States, but for “conspiracy to support Hamas”, so the charges state. Most likely had Al-Moayyad been tried in Israel, chances are the sentence would not have been anywhere near that, even if the charges had some merit to them. But, then the pro-Israel lobby in the US pulled out its tax deductible donations supported muscle and maybe some persuasive arm-twisting tool and the judge was unable to hold back his love for the Israeli occupiers of land that was never their land, who are “performing miracles in the desert”, according to the Zionist propaganda literature on Israel paid for by American donations.

So the big score on the “War on Terror” was no more than a gesture of kindness to the worst terrorists that the Middle East has seen, who continuously carry out their terror under the guise of national defense in the Holy Land to systematically remove its indigenous population.

It is really depressing to see the obvious paradox in the way the United States has come to view terrorism. Israeli terrorism is self defense according to Bush Administration, whereas Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation and a systematic campaign of genocide is terrorism. Most probably the judge hasn't the faintest idea of where Palestine is located, or that even that Israel was non-existent some sixty years ago, with its territory inhabited by a people who had lived there undisturbed and unchallenged for their ownership of the land for millenniums. Nor does he know that the Israelis he is supposedly safeguarding by imprisoning a man, who would not hurt a fly, are actually building a “security wall” that gives them what they see as legitimacy to all the land they have stolen since 1967 in the West Bank. This security wall, someone should tell the judge has dislocated thousands of people and rendered them homeless. This security wall has divided even families and prevents them from ever coming together, even on holidays. This security wall has forced children to have to travel 3 to 5 hours to schools that used to take them minutes to reach from their homes. This security wall has ended the means of sustenance for thousands of Palestinians whose farms have been removed from the face of the earth with all their trees and groves.

So what did al-Moayyad actually do against the United States? Absolutely nothing as far as any person with the slightest intelligence can perceive from the so called evidence. Oh, they had suggestions that once upon a time, he may have had links to Al-Qaeda. Well, if anybody has forgotten, the CIA had links to Al-Qaeda and they were far more direct. No matter; the issue is not terrorism against the US, the issue is take on the job as lynch man for those who dare challenge the right of Israeli terror to prevail and accord it all due honors. That is what the mayhem we are seeing in this world is really all about.