Fulbright Alumni Association Holds a Lecture on Democracy in the USA [Archives:2001/07/Law & Diplomacy]

February 12 2001

Dr. Chris Eccal, Cultural Attache of the US Embassy, gave a lecture last Monday, February 6th, at the AMIDEAST office in Sanaa on the presidential elections in the USA.
The lecture was organized by the Fulbright Alumni Association (FAA) to focus on the democratic electoral procedures used to elect the president of the United States.
Dr. Eccal explained how the electoral process in the USA takes place regarding the electoral college and popular votes. “Is the presidential election process in the USA democratic?” was a question raised during the lecture in regards to the fact that many Americans, as well as foreigners, believe that the electoral college vote is not democratic.
The lecture also focused on the USA’s experience in administrative issues including constitutional amendments, which coincides with our constitutional amendments on which a referendum will be held in one week’s time.