Game of SemanticsAll this talk of Islamofascism, what is Zionism then? [Archives:2007/1099/Opinion]

November 1 2007

First, in appreciation of former President Jimmy Carter, for all his efforts to reinstate some moral flare into American foreign policy through his continued efforts to educate the American public and the world at large, about some of the realities of the Holy Land, this verse from the Holy Qur'an lends itself appropriately: ” and you will find the nearest of them (i.e., non-Moslems) in affection to those who believe, those who say, 'We are Christians.' That is because there are from those among them who are priests and monks and they are not arrogant.. (The Holy Quran 5:82)

Back to our topic. The launching of Islamofascism Awareness Week ( by “David Horowitz and his allies” this week in the United States, with all the advance publicity see (, reeks of mischievous Zionist intrigue and smeared with bad intents for all those concerned. That someone reputed for being an advocate of civil rights etc (even the civil rights of Moslems, mind you) like David Horowitz would find great cause to launch a blitzkrieg of the sorts found in the link above is certainly evidence of doublethink and a clear display of unabashed bigotry with malicious bad intent.

This observer has pointed out time and again that the Zionists are out to ensure that the world remains polarized with two major sides of conflict of their very own choosing! With the Cold War out of the way and Israel losing its reliance on its “policeman role” of the West in the region, the best way to maintain the flow of American support for the renegade and mutant state is to ensure that there is a common enemy between the “civilized West” and the mutant synthesized Zionist state, with the enemy manifested by the “heathen” Islamic East. No one likes to suggest that the horrible acts, often labeled as “Islamic terrorism” and sometimes suggested as “Islamic radicalism” are justified by any means and least of all by Islamic doctrine or are even closely associated with genuine Moslems as these bigots are alluding. But to assume that all evil is rooted in Islam as is apparent by the literature being put to discussion in this Anti-Islam “awareness” effort is heinous and points to the hypocrisy of its sponsors.

If that is not enough, the latter are seeking to coin a lasting inappropriate term to their hate filled rhetoric. So now we have Islamofascism. Surely, there is a systematic campaign in progress to instill and solidify an obvious scare tantrum among the American people in particular and the world at large. The survival of Israel, due to its lack of genuine legitimate existence, being the work of a mafia like operation leading to such existence, is fragile and lacks solid roots.

Thus the International Zionist Establishment seeks to guarantee the continuation of such an existence through indirectly embezzling the rest of the world through scare tactics and the exploitation of the ignorance of the majority of the world's population on Islam, particularly in the West. That this is done by instilling outright bigotry in the hearts of the latter based on hate, arrogance and malicious stereotyping beyond belief raises the question, who are the real fascists of the world and where did the term originate from, the East or the West?.Furthermore to associate any religion with evil human conceptions is another ungodly and dirt ridden attribute of the Zionist genre of real fascism that has brought on so much pain and suffering, mostly to Moslems ever since its conception. Most Moslems are convinced that a lot of the misguided and heretical Moslem movements sponsored by the petrodollars of archaic autocratic Moslem states, which are puppet states of the West themselves , and on which these bigots depend on to justify spreading the hatred against Islam are actually working in league with these bigots, knowingly or unknowingly.

As far as most Moslems are concerned these heretics have nothing to do with Islam just like Theodore Herzel and the gangsters of the Stern and Irgun gangs that slaughtered Arab Christians and Moslems by the thousands to make room for Zionist thieves in Palestine and their “legitimate” successors of the so called Israeli Defense Forces is doing now in the West Bank and Gaza on a daily basis, have nothing to do with Judaism, as many a Jewish rabbi has pointed out. It is no secret, as President Carter and so many others have stated, that what is going on in the West Bank and Gaza today is evidence beyond dispute of the worst ethnic cleansing campaign unleashed by any fascists. No doubt the latter is the wholesome design of the Judofascists disguised as Zionists, and the latter surfaced much earlier than many of the goons of the likes of Bin Laden and Al-Zawariki, who most mainstream Moslems consider to be the creative concoctions of the former anyway because of their extreme deviations from true Islam.

Oh sure, we can play the game of semantics even better than the Judofascists. After all, we possess the super eloquence of the Holy Qur'an, which has revealed the evil of the Judofascists long before Theodore Herzel ever dreamed of stealing the Land of Zion!

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.